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Woodn’t You Like to help Me?

I have spent hours poring over flooring. My eyes have turned to tired squinty slits and my brain can no longer discriminate between oak and stained hickory. My plans to install solid white oak and have it site finished have been dashed by a dastardly concrete floor… and our pocketbook. I’m starting to think wood should be traded on the NYSE.

I’m suffering from wood overload.

I need someone to tell me what to buy: white oak, red oak, stained hickory, brazilian walnut, etc etc. Dark, light, in between. Gloss, semi gloss or low sheen. Thin strip or wide plank.


I’m drowning in a sea of trees.

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Wood on White

Since this is my second post out of three with wood as the theme you dudes shouldn’t have to do too much complex mathematics to figure out that I’m going au natural these days.  I know I know, i really want to slap myself upside the head for glancing more favorably towards some hum-drum wood table rather than a gold panther sculpture, but what if I told you I’ve been looking at the gold panther for 3 years and that I promise not to get rid of any of my other brass?  What if I promised that rather than the dark wood rooms you dudes chose to ignore 2 weeks ago, instead I show you wood surrounded by a sea of white light?  Can we be friends then?

Ok, I’m going to start with this open-air shower because I’m pretty sure you would have to be legally insane not to like it.  Look at that lovely teak floor against those white walls. Ok, if you do not like the counter tops you do not need to be committed, I don’t particularly like them either but consider myself fit for life on the outside.


I’m going to say a big, fat yes to everything in this room with the exception of one item, can you guess what I’m leaving off my wish list?  Um, it’s not that killer table


white + wood.  yes amazing. wish i lived here. blaa blaa blaa

This styling is kooky and really only appropriate for the photo shoot (someone remind me which overseas shelter mag this was) but you have to admit that the space is amazing and we would all collectively give our left arms to live here.  PS I feel the same way about the space in the photo above I just had a moment of laziness.  sue me.


This Kenyan artist’s studio balances white + wood to perfection.  Anyone who’s questionable on this one:  stop what you’re doing and look around the space you’re in right now.  This space is awesome.  The end. (btw I’m typing in the world’s ugliest kitchen right now, so this photo is pretty much drool-central for me)

I do not need to insult the perfection that is this space with my stupid commentary.

Kisses to you all bros

PS welcome back erin!

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Woodn’t this be a great title for a post about Wood

Sorry about that title.  I just wasted 5 mintues of my life googling clever sayings and song titles with the word wood in them.  My bucket list is really coming along nicely.  Not.  I do not have a bucket list and if I did I would come up with a better name for it.  Even if it meant I had to spend TEN minutes googling clever sayings and song titles.  What does all this have to do with today’s post?  Nothing, except those are all words that you are reading in today’s post.  capiche?

Anyway, today I’m showing you (an even number of rooms crazy erin) with wood in them.  why?  because my house is finally looking like it may be close to done and there’s not really much wood anywhere so of course all I want now is wood and I want to redo my house.  Let’s do this:

And boom goes the dynamite.  I know I’m giving away Christmas right out of the gate with this one but who can resist.  It’s magically unstoppable.  I want to eat fancy reconfigurations of comfort food at this table until my head explodes.  Note, it will explode from laughter because I will probably be hanging out with some really funny people.

After my hilarity laugh riot meal of ecstasy I will climb these stairs to burn off all those calories.  ha ha no i won’t.  I will turn and look at these stairs and think about what a genius i was for building them.*

*i did not build these stairs.  Please do not write and ask me how i did it.**

**some people actually write and ask us dumb shit like this.  can you believe it?

This perfect potty belongs to furniture designer J.B. Blunk.  He, unlike me with the stairs, carved that sink out of redwood.  Write him and ask your goofy questions, weirdos.

This is old and I don’t know what it is but i do know that it is awesome.  I do have an obsessive blog partner who can probably tell you who’s house this is, when it was built and how long, down to the minute, they took to furnish it.  You can write her too, she loves mail.

picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4 is unknown source

P.S. I would like to note that 99% of you who write us are awesome and amazing, please don’t take offense to this post.  But there is the 1% out there who will email us with questions like “how did you make that couch” without 1.  letting me know which couch they are talking about and 2. realizing that I am not, in fact, a couch maker.   99%, keep it coming. Love and kisses

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Today I’m rounding up a handful of images that get me a little… excited. As much as I love sleek, sexy metallics and the cool sheen of smoked glass, I always need to have a least a touch of wood around me to feel totally at ease. Wood is warm — it feels good to the eye. Whether rough and rustic or smooth and refined, it’s always a sensory pleaser.

Darryl Wilson


Elle Decor

Marie Claire Maison

Vogue Living Australia

Bloesem via The Brick House

Commune Design

You know you want some wood.

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The Wild World of Wood

It’s a woodtastic wonderland here at Casa Erin. The crappy tile has been ripped out of our kitchen and beauteous new wood floors are going in as I write this. Right now we’re living in a dust laden war zone, draped in plastic sheeting that has transformed our once innocent abode into a crime scene straight out of Dexter, but I know it’s going to be worth it. I’ll be sure to do the big reveal when the floors are finished next week, but until then here’s a sneak peek to tide you over:

erin's kitchen renovations

Aren’t you jealous? Don’t you wish you could wash dishes in the bathroom sink just like me? By the time this adventure is finished, I’m going to weigh 8,000 pounds from eating takeout every day, but that’s another story. Today’s story is about wood lust, not wood dust.

tom scheerer

(Tom Scheerer)

I’ve always loved wood. In its most elemental form it speaks of the trees from which it was hewn, reminding me of the Pecan Orchard I grew up tending.

suzy hoodless

Sadly, we did not have giant moose on the farm. This absence remains a travesty of my childhood for which I shall never forgive the latitude of my upbringing.

suzy hoodless

On the other hand, who needs moose or a farm when one could have a giant shiny faceted end table thingie? I like the way wood softens modern materials and relates interior to exterior, and Suzy Hoodless is a master of that balance.

annie schlecter

This cozy bedroom photographed by Annie Schlecter makes me rethink my hatred of the horrid wood paneling trend from the 70s (laminate not allowed!). If I didn’t already have wood floors, I would copy this room right down to the hot little pendant sconces. It just looks so enviably clean. And dust free.

marie claire maison

(Marie Claire Maison)

Je deteste that table and those chairs, but the knotty pine paneling reminds me of my naughty youth.

living etc wood walls

And then there’s this sexy number found via the inimitable blog, If the Lampshade Fits. Check out that hourglass figure. Hubba hubba!

office word of image

(Office for Word and Image)

Why stop at wood walls when you can have it all? And by “all,” I mean the most amazing house of wood, ever.

wood walls

This little gem comes courtesy of my super seventies deco bible, Living Spaces, and I love the way the inside connects with the breathtaking views of the great outdoors. Skiing anyone? (I think my unborn fetus is foolishly raising a tiny hand.)

style files

Meanwhile, for some spaces a little dab will do, like this gorgeous Riad in Marrakech. That glossy black door is my new inspiration for our exterior entry, since I now realize it could be fantastic with our rustic split rail fence.

annie schlecter

(Annie Schlecter )

Oh, what a feeling… when we’re using wood planks on the ceiling. A nice change from the ubiquitous wood flooring, I think. Not that I’m in any position to hate on wood floors right now.

office word and image

(Office for Word and Image)

Although not the most practical in terms of cleaning, I do love wood ceilings with white floors. It’s like the world got tuned upside down.

edina van der wyck

(Edina Van Der Wyck)

And wood helps to keep white spaces from going sterile, although that table on casters has definite medical potential. And do you see the console table on casters in the background??? I NEED IT. I’m thinking of cultivating a new entirely mobile lifestyle. My kid is sure to love it. Post to come someday.

office word and image

(Office for Word and Image)

No self respecting post on wood would be complete without a touch of the rustique. While it’s not really my style, I do think using logs to create an indoor tent of softly canopied fabric is a pretty genius idea.

per ranung

This tiny touch of woodsy eye candy comes courtesy of my man, Per Ranung. Is it me, or is there something a bit sinister about those knotted sheets hanging from rafters? That’s probably why I like it.

Alrighty friends, It’s time for me to inspect our own masterpiece in the making and attempt to contain the dirt damage. I can’t wait to give you the full report next week, but until then, Happy Weekend!

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