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Sorry for the quiet around here of late. Ike’s out of school again and I’ve been whipping us both into a frenzy of day trips and play dates. Today is dr. appt # 8million, so I don’t have a lot of time but I thought I’d report on what’s been going on around here.

A whole lot of painting, and none of it’s good.

You’re probably thinking: But, Erin — you have Sanders! Every paint color he picks must be magical!

It is. And yet sometimes I foolishly do not listen to him. Sometimes I chicken out and second guess him. Sometimes I am an idiot.

Now my bedroom looks like this:

Also Ben is pissed that I didn’t just use the extra gallon of dark gray navy paint from Ike’s room instead of trying to pick a new, slightly different dark blue paint.

Did I mention that I’m an idiot?

But you know, it’s hard picking colors for the last rooms in the house. The first ones go up pretty easily — limitless choices! And then the possibilities narrow into a handful of pathways… and then I get confused.

Should I repeat a color, or choose a new neutral color? Because I’m not sure I love the dark blue. And peach didn’t work (promise! and I did try Jumel Peachtone, aka orange sherbet, for the person who suggested it).

I am inspired by this trio of beautiful rooms:

This paint looks like Ike’s room color, BM Deep Secret.

This one looks like the front room paint color, Dark Harbor.

And this is the missing element. Kind of gray, kind of purple. Kind of amazing.

Could be BM Evening Gown.

Or perhaps Evening Skyline.

And my wild card pick is Arctic Seal.

So you can see I’m thinking something purpley, but not Violet Beauregardey. Something warm and enveloping or perhaps deep and mysterious.

Or maybe Sanders will tell me to do something else entirely, and I WILL LISTEN.

Details to follow.

Also, I may be getting a new rug for the bedroom. And possibly designing it and the paint color around these curtains that didn’t work for the living room:

Because, when the choices narrow down I try to make things more difficult by adding another level to the equation.

I can derive a polynomial function in my head faster than I can decorate (remember the shortcut, calculus nerds?).

But I am learning.

[photos via design traveller]

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The nice cleaning lady is here for her inaugural visit… I think she was kind of scared when she looked at the floors. I am having some terrible guilt attacks about sitting here doing nothing, so I’m going to show you a bunch of mockups I did for our bedroom and then email bombed to Naomi last night. Now I look busy and important enough to have someone else doing my dirty work.

Our bedroom is currently a barfy shade of green khaki that must be stopped… we already painted the ceiling and now I must settle on a color to cover up the patchwork quilt of paint samples that is spreading up and down the walls like mildew.

I have been desperately trying to create a sunny peachy ivory oasis, kind of like this:

But our bedroom is too dark and unoasisey to make it happen. I think I have to go bolder. Cooler.

erin williamson

I could use the extra gallon of paint I have from Ike’s room, but would it be weird to use the same strong color in a master bedroom and a kid’s room?

Would the fact that the color is named “Deep Secret” make it even weirder?

erin williamson

I also have a sample of this greeny blue color, but I think the green may be too cloying. Not that I’m picky or anything.

erin williamson

Perhaps a cool purpley blue? I don’t know if I look good in this color, so my vanity may prevent this from happening.

I’m generally obsessed with this room. I already foisted it upon Jenny, who is having paint issues with her own bedroom:

But I’m also a little concerned that three cave rooms in one house is at least one too many.

However, our bedroom is pretty dark… we have one big bay window that faces south but it also faces the street. We live at the back of a culdesac so there’s not much traffic. But still, I don’t want the whole neighborhood watching our private business.

I’d prefer to keep that a deep secret.

So what do you guys think? Do you like any of the mockups? Suggestions for other non crazy colors?

I can’t handle uber coral or pink pizazz in the bedroom. I think I’d like to keep things in the green or blue range, for continuity’s sake.

If you have favorite paint colors, spill it.

Headed out to bother Sanders now.

He is so nice not to kill me.


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Pink Dinette + Sciolari Chandelier = Girlytown

Well, I’m not really sure why I decided to paint the dinette and kitchen peachy pink. But I done did.

erin williamson art sciolari

There she blows — Benjamin Moore Terra Bella. Many thanks to Sanders, who thinks that Karly and I are crazy for suddenly wanting to paint everything pink and peach and coral. He still went way above and beyond to help me pick a lovely shade.

I have to say that lucite and brass was not where I thought I would take this house, but Mr Sciolari was in the right place at the right time for the right price. Plus he reminds me of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, and that’s a good thing.

I still have a lot of work to do, but I think we’ve already improved the situation we moved into:

Have you ever seen so much brown in your life?!

erin williamson terra bella

Although the (TEMPORARY) table and chairs are clawing my eyes out, I’d still say it’s far less offensive than it was.

Now, all I need is a new table and chairs and window treatments and maybe a rug and some art… I’m liking indigo as an accent color, which I’m largely drawing from the front room scenario:

erin williamson

Dark Harbor and Terra Bella are so happy together.

Anyway, this calls for some mockups. I’m so predictable.

#1 has a dreamy Thom Filicia rug that costs way too much, integrates the navy chesterfield I already own, supposes that I will buy a new tulip dining table (and I am — really). Then I threw in schoolhouse chairs and country club art to give it some old skool flava.

#2 is a little more modern regency, with an affordable kilim rug and some very affordable cafe chairs. I took Chester out just to see how that would open up the space. Still buying the table. Awesome leopard painting will be available at Minty soon.

What elements do you prefer?

I really don’t know what to do about window treatments in any case… I was crushing on Naomi’s curtain idea, but now that the color is so fussy I’m thinking that simple and tailored is the way to go.

erin williamson sciolari

Tune in tomorrow to discuss ways in which my new paint and chandelier are making the shabby brown kitchen look even browner and shabbier.

Something must be done to rectify the situation.

Hint: paint will be involved.

Until then please help me buy cheap amazing things to finish out my dinette space.

Thank you.

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Battle Royale

So Karly has talked me into going light and bright for the cavernous, north facing family room, and dark and cozy for the smaller south facing rooms. I’m feeling good about my dark and cozy color picks, but super skittish about picking a white — the subtle differences are so much harder to see when the color is barely there. That’s where you come in. Meet the contenders:

Up first is Sander’s first string pick (did I just use a sports metaphor? who the eff am I???): Collector’s Item.

Yes, I know. It looks baby pink, which is very unsportsmanlike. On the wall it looks… less baby pink. Jeffrey Bilhuber calls it “almost blush.” Ahem.

In the picture it looks straight up white. That’s because photos LIE.

Up second is another Sanders pick: Farrow and Ball’s White Tie. This is decidedly more yellow in real life, so much so that I wonder why I even bother posting swatches online. This whole process would be a lot easier if y’all could come to my house and look at the stupid paint on the wall already.

Here it is in action:

So, what do you think? I’d say that Collector’s Item has a little something more going on, but most of what it has going on is pink. Meanwhile, White Tie is a no fail choice, but is it too country trad?

In case you were wondering (and too damn bad if you weren’t), I’m looking at Hague Blue and Pashmina (it really is a gorgeous, complex color) for my other major neutrals. That’s right — I just called Hague Blue a neutral. Because it is. Just ask Tandy — she has a similar color in her living room.

Haguey hotness.

Ok — pick a color. Any color.

As long as it is one of the colors I just listed.

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Color Color on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Yesterday I threw my old ass back out. Not content to just chillax and watch tv (ok, actually I already blew through all of my Project Runway back episodes) I’ve been whiling away the hours supine on the couch, browsing the internets with laser like focus. I need to pick a paint color for our great room. Yes Sanders already picked one for me and I know he’s going to be right, but I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t hem and haw and try to second guess him.

white room

Thanks in part to your feedback, I’ve finally reconciled myself to the fact that white is going to look barfy in that shady room. I realized that I want white so badly because I have a fear of commitment — white plays well with everyone.

white room

And also because it loves to play with itself. Heh.

pink room

Plus I am kind of a colorphobe. This room is actually awesome, but if I had to live here I would wake up with the hives every morning.

So what I’m struggling with is, do I just pick a neutral? I think I have this fear that it’s going to go flat, dingy, or Martha Stewart on me. I really wish I could paper the whole room in gold grasscloth (yes I know the picture above is not grasscloth), but with 18 ft ceilings there is just no freaking way.

Or do I pick a pale color to give the room a little something something?

Here is the room again for reference. I want to wash that suburban band aid right out of my hair.

What color is your living room painted? Do you love it?

[Elle Decor, Wreckorated, Ad Russia x2, Elle Decor]

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