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Be the Decider. Please.

Ok guys and gals, I have two major decisions to make today. This would be doable, except that I am a used up, burned, crispy charred piece of toast. This weekend we cleaned, hauled trash, painted, and moved Ike into his big boy room. I woke up at 2am feeling like I had done a speedball — all hot and anxious and confused about where I was. This morning is not faring much better, and that is why I desperately need your help. Let’s get to it.

Decision #1: Buy a Damn Table Already

I am driving the poor sales rep at the furniture store crazy with my waffling, so I’m determined to order something today. Ok, but do I get a marble tulip table, a white painted tulip table, or a walnut tulip table?

marble tulip tableMarble tulip cons:

Most expensive. Unknown quality — the table I’m getting will not be carrara, but some other unknown white marble with less veining (no pictures are available because the marble varies so much). Fragility — how does a giant elliptical piece of marble stay balanced on a small pedestal without breaking???! Staining — am I going to wish I had chosen something easier to maintain? Redundancy — I hope to get marble counters someday and I’m concerned about marble overload.


IT’S MARBLE. Is marble overload even possible? I seriously lust after this table.

White painted table cons:

Diminished sex appeal — it’s basically white painted veneer. Unknown quality — no pictures of finished product available. Durability — will it chip and gouge out to reveal veneer underneath? Cleanability — can I scrub the crap out of this without abusing the finish? Length of ship time — it’ll probably take three months to get this table into my hot little hands… gross.


Inexpensive (relatively). It’s plain white, so it’ll go with anything. Easier to move. Not concerned about breaking it.

Wood veneer cons:

Wood is bossy — rosewood or walnut will limit my chair options in a major way. Durability — this is veneer so will it gouge out? Not refinishable (veneer). It may clash with my (to be installed in the future) white oak floors.


Relatively inexpensive. Available soon. Lighter than marble. Will not limit my counter choices.

Ok, which table should I buy?

Decision #2: Maybe Buy a Cheap Rug While They’re On Sale Today

West Elm has 15% off rugs today. I have sample for this denim and jute rug, and it’s cute but maybe a little juvenile with my coral/pink walls?

Look at me, I made a mockup. Shocking.

They also have plain jute flatwoven rugs. I’m looking at the fourth one down — the flax color. This is kind of boring, but it would allow me to do some fun seating upholstery. No mockup. Sorry, I got tired.

Meanwhile, Overstock is also having a sale. I like this two tone herringbone jute rug, but I’m concerned about staining. Is jute easy care, or is that only seagrass? I know sisal is the worst.

Finally, I could just not buy a rug. I would be missing out a bit on the sales, but perhaps I’m trying to make too many decisions at once…

Who, me?

Opinions? Concerns for my mental health?

I have to go to the doc in a few to do my third trimester blood sugar test… even though I haven’t gained much weight so far, I’m worried that my steady diet of donuts is about to backfire. Anyway, I may not be able to respond to your comments but I will be reading them while people stick needles in me and examine my hoohah.

It’s a good day all around.

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Leopard Rug Update

For President’s Day my leopard rug arrived. Thank you, Obama (and Overstock). So the rug is pretty — it’s by Safavieh and looks to be of decent quality. Better Half Ben rolled it out for me and three seconds later Ike and the cat were clawing and break dancing all over it (cat = clawing and Ike = break dancing, although I would prefer for the opposite to have occurred), so I guess it’s plush enough.

What it’s not is the right size.

I took this picture at night so the colors are all wonktacular, but maybe you can see the problem with this space. It’s really long and narrow, and the 6×9 rug isn’t working… I think. I could shove it up under the credenza, but then it would leave this awkward open space on either side where I had planned to plunk down a pair of matching chairs.

For everyone interested in buying the same rug, here’s a daytime shot that better shows the caramel/tan colors:

I should really straighten up my furniture before I take pictures, right? Oh well.

So, what do you think? Can it work here, or should I move it to the front room and keep shopping? I’d like to maintain an open space in front of the console table so that I can roll out the benches beneath it for seating.

As a reminder, here’s some newborn baby pictures of how the room is laid out:

First of all: don’t panic! The fireplace has been painted and the tv is better situated (I plan to reveal it this week). The brown dining table is now in the dinette area (it looks terrible — new dining table is on the list), and the black credenza is against the back wall. The open area between the credenza and console is where I plan to hold play convention 2012-2040 (holy shit I am going to be old when these kids are grown). I just need a rug to mark out the space.

It would be so easy to buy a crazy 4×10 or 5×11 Persian rug off Ebay, except I already have a red Persian rug (which I like) in the room, and I can’t have two, right?

I was thinking I might could get away with a Nain rug (they tend to be blue), because it would be different yet similar to the one I already have… I don’t know anymore. Rug overload.

What do you think? Leopard where I have it or leopard in the front room?

What kind of rug should I get if I move the leopard?

Or should I totally reorganize the entire living area?

Fireplace pictures to follow.

Wallpaper sample pictures to follow.

Damn I have a lot of things to do.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Dining Room Rug

I have been on such a rabid hunt for finishes and furnishings that last night I dreamed about picking tile for an imaginary restaurant… which would be hilarious if I weren’t so very concerned that the checkerboard should be nixed in favor of a penny tile. Like, cold sweat concerned. About a restaurant. That doesn’t even exist. [Cue psychoanalysis.] Anyway, the inlaws are in the process of buying a brazillion new pieces for their rad pad, including a rug to go with the MOST AMAZING Pace dining room table they snagged yesterday.

This table:

Plus this room:

Is going to kill your face off.

Hard to tell from the photo (ps, that’s not their furniture), but the room looks out onto the fancy pool and atrium with koi pond. It’s totally delicious. Yeah, I just typed that.

Of course they need a rug to go with their badass table. I am trying to help because I can shop even in my sleep.

Now, between shopping for myself and clients, I have bought approximately 864587 rugs off the internets. (I am the queen of hyperbole, but I’m pretty sure that’s an accurate number.) Some of these purchases were terrible mistakes, but many were not. So let’s talk about what you need to know when shopping for a dining room rug.

#1. Size Matters.

See that rug in the picture up there? It’s way too small. For a standard rectangular table, you probably need an 8×10 so you have space to pull out the chairs over the rug. Like so:

Sorry the picture is a total zzzzzzzzz, but you get the idea.

#2. Color and pattern are important, duh.

If you already have strong color on the walls, or lots of pattern in the textiles, then a neutral rug will be your bud for life. But in a blank slate room like the inlaws have (light floors and walls), I favor a crazy dining room rug with bold pattern. For one thing, I think it’s stimulating — as a dining room should be. For another, that rug above will hide a multitude of sins… like maybe spilled wine and smeared jelly and cat vomit. Not that these things have ever happened in my house.

#3. Speaking of color, some should be avoided (I’m talking to you, black and white).

Oh I know someone is going to reach up and slap me in the face over this one, but I’ve already been down the black and white road so take that.

Yep, that’s our old house with the OG dining room setup. Let me tell you people what: the black parts of that rug showed every single piece of lint and the white parts showed… everything else. We might or might not be messy eaters. Still, I say eating over a white rug is asking for trouble.

Somebody either has a maid and a nanny, or really enjoys cleaning.

#4. Speaking of pattern, some are easier to live with than others.

A small, low contrast pattern that extends edge to edge is the easiest to work with.

Easy. Furniture can sit anywhere on this rug. Kind of snoozy, though.

Not easy. The scale will compete with furniture. Plus it makes me want to stab myself.

It’s also worth considering where the pattern falls on the rug, and which parts will be covered by furniture. (A border also complicates the situation, but it’s not such a big deal in a dining room where the table is generally centered over the rug.)

#5. Rugs I like(ish).

The inlaws have a glass table so most of the pattern will show, save where the chairs sit. They are also looking for something colorful with blue in it to coordinate with the front door.


Very serene and easy to coordinate with other patterns.

Completely ridiculous and probably too pink for their overall color palette, but I am developing a mini love affair with this rug.

I’m still searching for The One, so feel free to kick me some links.

Just make sure it’s not a black and white 6×9 rug with a giant off-centered pattern.

Off to shop!

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Jazzing Up a White Kitchen

I can’t believe how behind I am on blogging. Sorry to all of you whom I owe comments and emails and proof that I am alive and breathing — last week just whipped my ass. I’m back in full 75% force and I’m here to tell you that designing a kitchen on a tight timeline is stressful business. But after endless Ikea trips plus a drive to the cheapest granite showroom ever in San Antonio, I think the inlaws have a fancy plan in the works and it’s going to be awesome. The material palette is pretty basic: white cabinets, black granite counters and white subway tile. Clean and classic, but homegirl is going to need accessories. Let’s discuss.

The kitchen is fairly small, so a monochromatic palette filled with interesting objects would be lovely.

As much as I’m dying to spread some wallpaper all up in that joint, I don’t think there’s really enough wall space. Otherwise, this would be my secret plan…

Simple, colorful art and accessories are a possibility. Owls need not apply, however.

I know this is kind of cheating since the kitchen isn’t really all white, but I love the natural drama that the plants and buddha bring to this (admittedly spectacular) space.

Of course Naomi over at Design Manifest is an expert at this sort of thing, being a kitchen designer as she is. I love her suggestion of using a colorful rug to bring in the bling.

Although a part of me is still holding out for this poppy setup…

blue and white kitchen

Currently this is my favorite idea for jazzing up their particular kitchen. Interesting shades and a few small vases and bowls totally transform everything.

That’s it for today. I’m still kind of sleepwalking, but tomorrow I will be 100% awesome.

85% Guaranteed.

[Laura TJ, M Design LA, Elle Decor, Living Etc, Design Manifest, M Design, Maison 21]

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Fantasy Craigslisting: Portlandia Edition

Last week my brother and his fiance moved to Portland from Virginia with only the goodies they could fit in their car.  Being the altruistic older sister that I am, I took it upon myself to scour craigslist for all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  I found quite a few bodacious goodies for their downtown loft, some they loved and bought and others are making their big design crisis appearance today.  And guess what?  Not a single item has a bird on it.

First up was this leather sofa, at $900 it was a bit steep, but oh that charcoal leather looks so soft and dreamy.  Plus it’s in amazing condition.  Also, the number one rule of craigslist is don’t talk about craigslist, but the number two rule of craigslist is this:  always talk the sellers down.  It’s so important it really should be rule number one, but, hey, I’m not in charge of these things.

Next was this mid century teak coffee table.  Since I’m in the market for a coffee table myself, and a big square block of wood is exactly what I want, I was pretty excited about this find.  Turns out the table is much to large for their small condo, so it was a negatory.  It’s $100.  Someone go buy it.

Since I’ve never met anything in white tufted leather that I didn’t love, I was pretty excited to stumble upon this sofa.  Turns out the bro and his lady already found a couch just right for them, which means I won’t get to visit this gem in the fall.

Pick your chins up off the ground.  This was easily my favorite Portland Craigslist find and for $20 (twenty dollars!!!!) I prayed to all things holy that D & E would share my sentiments.  Luckily my bro has great taste in women who has great taste in tables and they bought that mofo.  Dear portlanders, this table had been on craigslist for a week.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

If you’re hankering for a piece of brass in front of your sofa after seeing the last dreamy table, they had two of these tray tables, this one here and this one here.

Or get some brass for behind your sofa here

This arc light was priced a bit high (remember rule number 2!) but I still think someone should race out and get it.

I usually defer to ebay for all interweb lighting purchases, but I thought this little gem was just delightful.

Turns out there’s lots of burl wood laying around in Oregon (go figure).  I found this tabletop here and this one here

Ok, this is where I pull out the showstopper:

I found and developed an obsession for this rug early on (wouldn’t it look AMAZING under that brass coffee table???!!!).  The young couple decided to pass and their loss is your gain, Portland readers.  Go, roll around on this rug, stare at it longingly for hours, I will hand write some love letters for you to read aloud to it, the rug will like it, I can tell.

I’ve seen pics of all the pieces D & E have selected so far and it all looks awesome, I can’t wait to check it out in person.  As for Portland craigslist:  All in all, I found some pretty good stuff up north, you dudes have a pretty nice well to tap into.  And to whomever ends up with the rug:  sleep with one eye open.

Oh, PS, if there are any amazing secret stores the new Portlandiers should know about, leave a comment, yo.

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