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Fill My Eyes With That Double Vision

I am so tired my eyes are crossed and weepy and twice I have put my underwear on inside out without noticing until the end of the day. Would that I could magically transform my puffy eyes into glory goggles capable of magnificent hallucinatory visions, kind of like this:

I've Seen Bigger Mistakes.

I’m not sure how hotshot photographer and art director Charles Bergquist is making these amazing images, but I need to know more.

Until That Day.


Everything Is Indeed Okay, Repeat After Me.

...Will Help Us Awaken.

In This Town.

Lesson Number Four.

There is some nutty metaphysical parallel universe bizness going on here, and it is blowing my mind up.

As if it needed any more blowing right now.

Check out more work from Charles Bergquist and buy his prints here.

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Musical Rug Update!!!

A few of you have been, ahem, harassing me for updated pictures of the Ebay rug in its new home. I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to finally do this, especially because I appreciate the comments that everyone took the time to write on the original post SO MUCH. Without a doubt, dialogue is the best part of blogging. So in that spirit, I am fulfilling my half of the bargain by saying, hey — I listen. Sometimes. Behold, the new old Ebay rug, now in the dining room.

erin williamson

erin williamson persian rug

Now I was pretty pleased with the result until I looked back at a picture I had taken before I moved the Persian rug into there…

erin williamson

Through the magic of time and effort the old picture is better, but mostly what I notice is that I like the old rug, too. And maybe the Persian rug looks crazy with the wacky ceiling?

Here’s what’s happening under the sun. Say howdy to Doris.

Oh, and because someone will tell me that the real problem is the black accent wall, here’s what’s going on with that.

erin williamson

It’s the whole ding dang back wall, and I like it. Please excuse the hideous styling and photography from this very old picture. Our house will never be clean enough to take such a wide angle shot again.

Speaking of cleanliness and photography, I want to say again, SORRY! For being such a pokey turd about posting updates of our house. I get all freaky about the photography being decent. Plus I have a very messy, very curious toddler who often refuses to cooperate with my plans. Please see the following evidence.

So, in order to take this picture of our bedroom, I had to move a few things around…

This is the other end of the room during that shoot. Notice my assistant forgoing the opportunity to climb mount laundry, and instead heading straight for mommy’s very expensive photo equipment.

And there you have it. The Emperor wears no clothes.

But I do have a new old rug.

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Vincent Leroux

There is nothing sweeter than an interesting room seen through the eyes of a fantastic photographer. Ok, perhaps world peace, equal rights, and true love might give a pretty picture a run for its money — but not much else. So it is with much whiz bang shazam that I present the work of Vincent Leroux, whose photographs strike a perfect balance between edgy and sophisticated, all seen through the glory of natural and ambient light. Overdone photography is the devil’s work. Thanks the lords of the internets for showering us with some good stuff.

Later, y’alluns. Gotta go run errands before it gets face meltingly hot.


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My Mind is Officially Blown

It’s official.  I can completely and totally stop perusing the internet for any more art or design.  It’s all over.  My mind has been blown and there’s no topping it or going back.

Are you sitting down?  Seriously.  Get ready for me to tell you what’s happening here:

So, here’s the deal:  Cuban photographer Abelardo Morell creates these images ON WALLS via a little process you may have heard of called camera obscura.  Ok ok, backing up:  Morell blacks out the windows of rooms then cuts a small hole in the fabric he’s used to shut out all the light.  That pinhole is used to expose the window’s view onto the opposing wall.  He then takes a picture of the projection using a large format camera.  The film often takes up to 10 hours to expose.  Yeah.  It’s bananas.  I don’t even know if people say that anymore but I feel it’s appropriate here.

Ok.  So I might maybe not shut down the blog tomorrow, but it’s going to be a long long time before I stumble upon something this mind-blowingly good again.

UM, PS. How amazing are the views from each of those rooms, by the way?

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Secret Lover

Confession: another website has been stealing me away, but I’m stopping by our special happy place for a few minutes today, just to say that I still love you. Don’t be mad, baby. Let’s have a three way.

erin williamson

It’s my new interior photography website! I’m still tweaking it (and will probably never stop tweaking it), but erinerinerin.com is finally up and running. Did you just say that is the most amazing site name ever? You can thank gin and Karly for that one.

Click on that link right now and tell me what you think. Lazy people, feast your eyes on picturez:

Dudes I am tired x infinity, plus I’m leaving on a jet plane early tomorrow to see my baby sister graduate from college this weekend (yay!), so I’m going to cut on out of here.

I’ll try to stop by tomorrow, but if I don’t make it have a supercallfragelisticexbealladocious weekend!

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