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One House, Three Magazines

If you’ve already seen this place designed by Baroness Bruno de Pampelonne, that’s because it has made its way around the interwebs courtesy of Vogue Living Australia. And AD Russia. And House and Garden UK. Obviously these magazines span three countries, but what I’m wondering is: who gets to decide what goes where? Is there some transcontinental decor convention where an ultra mega editor in chief (fashion, smashion — it’s probably still Anna Wintour) civilly metes out homes and schedules with a gilded pen? Or is it a global free for all, with every chief fighting for scraps like hyenas on a hunt… I prefer to consider the latter.

With these thoughts in mind, please peruse a pretty pastel apartment — now presented in 3D (that means via three magazines; sadly it does not mean you can reach out and pet the furnishings).

pastel house ad russia

Guess which magazine this shot is from…

This one is from House and Garden, photographed by the inimitable Richard Powers. So does that mean all the pictures are by RP and other magazines just pay royalties to use them?

paris pastels

This ran in Vogue Living, and it’s a totally different picture (not just a crop of the same image). Still looks like the same shoot, though.

russia ad paris pastels

Whatever. I hate purple (it makes me look like death, and who wants to look like death in the comfort of their own home?), but this house is lovely in every magazine.


Let’s tour the entire pad is all its Lalanne bedeco-ed glory.

pastel house paris

The color palette kinda takes the southwestern sting out of that howling coyote, right?

Holy amazing wall details!

This room is a dark little unexpected gem. Lust.

That’s it for the tour. Maybe someone out there can explain how the entire decor magazine industry functions, all within the span of a blog comment.

Or maybe we can just enjoy the pictures, however they come to us.

[Photos via AD Russia, House and Garden UK, Vogue Living Australia, Eye Spy, Habitually Chic]

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Blueblooded Bathroom

Nothing screams cheap n shitty remodel quite like the formica counters and beige screenprinted tiles superglued to every surface of both our tiny bathrooms. When we bought our 60s ranch house, we knew the kitchen needed fixing — especially since we have an open floorplan and the sea of almond formica burned at my sensi eyes from every angle of our living room. Not so with the bathrooms, whose doors remain conveniently closed most of the day. Only when seated upon my throne do I survey the surroundings of our craptacular kingdom and daydream about taking a sledgehammer to the entire porcelain palace. But then I flush those dirty ideas down the drain because renovating a bathroom just seems like such a pain in the… ass.

If we ever do yank out those pukey privies, this is what I want:

george and elizabeth paris bathroom

Yeah, I know — the pendulum may be swinging a little far in the fancy direction, but did I mention how queasy that damn formica makes me?

george elizabeth bathroom paris

Created for King George VI and his wife Elizabeth’s royal visit to Paris in 1938, this bathroom stands as a bastion of civility in the face of impending Nazi invasion.

george elizabeth bathroom

I can’t honestly say that my own bathroom needs to make such a statement, but it does need gold tile.

george elizabeth paris bathroom

Details, people. Details.

george elizabeth bathroom paris

I kind of always assumed we would do a modernish update for our bathrooms, but this has ruined me for anything you could possibly buy at Ikea or Home Depot. Well, I suppose I could start with a more pedestrian round mirror. But I’m not kidding about the gold tile… I urgently need it. To fight Nazis. Or maybe just to shower.

Yes. Golden showers.

[World of Interiors]

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One Thing Leads to Another

Boy, The Fixx really knew what they were talking about. Move one thing in your house, and all of the sudden the entire pad needs an architectural overhaul, from floor to ceiling. I have 800 projects going on right now, and I’m at that stage where I’m ready to just move to someone else’s house — but not just any house. A house with flava. A house like this one, decorated by Parisian designer Sarah Lavoine, featured in Marie Claire Maison.

Perfect mix of elegance and levity — a splash of graphic boldness anchored by somber darks and weathered antiques. None of the furnishings really pop out, nothing feels like an “it” piece, nothing smacks of furniture museum. Love.

Super hot door color, gorgeous herringbone floors, ceilings like a stairway to heaven… good gravy.

I want to marry this color palette and have rainbow spotted babies.

Utter restraint in the bedroom, but enough texture to keep things interesting. The charcoal door slays me.

Living room, you had me at Jill Greenberg. The aqua paint is not my fave, but I like that this room feels a bit riskier than the others. Guests need something to talk about… or cry about.

Ok I’m off to paint, or perhaps to hatch an elaborate plot to hijack this apartment, depending on how things go.

Happy weekend!

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Vacation all I ever wanted

You know, Belinda Carlisle really sang her way right into my heart with all her talk of vacation business.  Do you think that the missing verse to that song mentioned anything about well appointed hotel rooms and amenities up the wazoo, like pillows of varying firmness upon request?  I certainly like to think that the Go-Go’s would not have been willing to spend said dream vacation traveling across the hot desert in an un-air-conditioned car with nothing but a Howard Johnsons on the horizon.  Gross.  

I digress, the point is, I want to go on vacation, I want to go to the Hotel Particular, and I want to steal every last gold leaf accessory in sight.  Behold:

The Vegetal Room

I know, right?  Do I really need to write a paragraph about how this wallpaper is the most mind blowing thing you’ve ever seen?  Do I need to point out that the sconces and table lamps make the forest look like it’s glowing and only magnify the already awesome dramatic silhouette?  Do you really need little old me to tell you that the uber-minimalist crisp, clean linens are the perfect counterpart to the most perfect wall decor ever?  I didn’t think so.

I will tell you that this room was designed by Martine Aballéa, an American artist working in Paris.  

You probably think that I blew my wad on the first picture, but just you wait.

Hair Curtain room

ta-da!  Artist and photographer Natacha Lesueur thought it would be the coolest thing ever to put gigantic glowing portraits on her suite’s wall and I agree.  I showed this picture to Matt awhile ago hoping he would rush out and buy a large-format camera for this very purpose.  Funny thing, he didn’t like the idea at all.  Does anyone know a good divorce attorney?  I mean, did he really take a good look at this room?  Maybe he thought our space wouldn’t look as nice without the spiral staircase in the center of it all.  He would have had a point.  On a side note, I’ve always loved the idea of a free standing bathtub in the bedroom.  No, I’ve never been one for practicality.


Hair Curtain Bathroom

When you’re done bathing in the bedroom, you can cruise on over to the bathroom proper and adore the black and gold walls while brushing your teeth and using the bidet.

Bath 2

Another black bathroom.  This place is rocking my world.  I usually hate pedestal sinks (where do you put your stuff?  I guess I am practical sometimes) but this one is great because it has that other pedestal dealie right next to it for storing said stuff.  And it’s a different shape, even better.

If you want to mingle with the other guests, here are some public spaces:

breakfast room

When I first saw this picture I thought that crazy giant angel was the coolest thing in the room, then I decided that the heavy red drapes might trump the crazy cherub, finally I came to my senses and realized that the crown over the mirror is the greatest gold accessory I’ve ever seen.  I really want to store it right next to my crunk juice goblet.

Still feeling social?  

social room

I will give a dollar to anyone who can tell me what is going on in that photograph above the stunning black tulip chairs.  I will give four dollars to anyone who will bring me the chairs.

Did you spot an American tourist in a starter jacket and need to race back to your room?  Go to this one:

Guest Room

Purple and gold… so regal.  I could wear my gold crown from the breakfast room in here! I have to admit that the distressed scribbly wallpaper is a little 2004, I bet I’ll like it again in about 12 years, which works out great as I will have finally saved enough Euros to book this room by then.  (room designed by Pierre Fichefeux)

**Ok, everyone, this is important:  I want you to take a good look at the photo I just showed you.  Did you note the incredible gold bathroom?  Yes?  Got it?  Listen to this:  I painted my master bath in my last rental in the most luxurious (and insanely expensive) metallic gold paint.  Floors, ceiling all of it.  My landlord liked it (it was just a duplex not an apartment) he kept it when I moved.  BUT  the, ahem, stylish, girl who moved in after me is painting over it.  I am so grossed out.  I’m tempted to cut out all the UK magazine articles I’ve been reading about gold walls and mail them to her with a threatening letter.  Seriously, what is she thinking?  I bet she paints it beige.  yuck! yuck! barf city!**

sorry. back to the hotel.

Incase you’re as in love with this hotel as I am and you want to find it, here’s what to look for:

hotel exterior

so cute, right?  I couldn’t find any information on the building, but I’m guessing it was originally a home built forever ago, like everything else in Europe.  Go there, let me know what it’s like, bring me back a little scrap of wallpaper.

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