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Back 2 Life, Back 2 Reality

Now that I have implanted a devious musical seed in your collective head that will surely germinate and take over the rest of your day, let me just say that it’s good to be back. New Orleans was fantastic! Amazing! Splendiferous! But we’re still in the process of home renovations, last minute repairs, and the inevitable move which is scheduled for next week. That’s right — D Day is one week from today and I’m shaking in my boots (because it’s 56 windy degrees this morning and I can wear them — who dat?!). We have NOTHING ready. Nothing. So, while I would love to regale you with tales of my trip, with pictures of my new floors, and with a big reveal of Sander’s handipaintwork, I just can’t this morning. Because I have to pack up my entire life into tiny boxes, taking care to leave toothbrushes and undergarments accessible at all times. Excuse my tres gauche patois here, but it’s going to be a clusterfuck, y’all.

Nevermind all that. Let’s look at this beautiful house designed by Tyler Dawson, shall we?

I don’t get House Beautiful but I should, because the November issue was pretty swell. Thanks to my decor obsessed hairdresser Lisa for letting me slobber all over her copy.

I’m really trying to work up some nervy color palettes for New House. I think the paint color was a huge step in the right direction, but now what???

A colorful rug would be a chic, family friendly choice since pattern hides dirt (and strawberry jello) so well. I am obsessed with this Chinese deco rug. There are a few on craigslist I’ve been stalking for a while, but I have yet to find one under a grand. I’m also considering a non neutral couch…

I may even get some patterned curtains for the kid and guest rooms. I know? Who the bleep am I???

Perhaps I am experiencing some residual delirium from all the absinthe and jambalaya, but I don’t think so.

What do you think about non neutral large pieces like couches and rugs? Crazy or crazy good?

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My Date With Sanders

I went to visit Sanders yesterday so he could pick the perfect paint color for me, and when I told him I had a north facing, shady room with high ceilings, this is what he chose to go with my flooring sample:

benjamin moore pashmina

It’s called Pashmina, and it’s a medium gray/brown. Pretty, but not exactly the white I was hoping for.

benjamin moore pashmina

Here it is in another room I ran on the color analyzer thingamajig doohickeywopper.

It’s nice, right? But maybe too dark? Maybe not?

When I told Sanders I wanted white, he shook his head in the wrong direction… he did give me a few lighter samples, but they all looked like dingy shitballs when I held them up to the walls at New House. Here is the best of the light samples he gave me:

It’s called Deep in Thought, and I am deeply thinking it looks better in these rooms than it will in mine.

What do you think? Whiteish or medium greige?

I’m going back to visit Sanders again today, but I’ll tell you now that he’s pretty much always right.

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Love Hate Love

I’m feeling the urge to paint again. I swear paint fumes give off some secret crack that compels me, knees and shoulders screaming in resistance, to repaint just one. more. time. I see no problem with the fact that I have repainted some rooms in this house three times in the three years we have lived here, because I blame blogging. Looking at a zillion gorgeous images a day fills my head full of dancing sugarplum dreams, and just when I think I’m a fully recovered paintaholic, something will come along and spark up the old addiction. Ah, I love the smell of fresh paint in the morning.

Well, let me tell you what color I am not going to paint my walls.

Ok, so actually this house is amazing… but that paint color! It looks like my mom’s lipstick from 1983.

It’s a color that loves naked lady butt cleave.

It’s a color that invites Demons to bed.

But then I look around and I think, Damn this house be fine.

I really like the colors that go with that other, weirder color. And what the hell color is it, anyway? Mauve?

I try to keep an open mind about decor. I consider myself to be an eternal student of everything, because people who think they know it all are doomed to turn into boring old fossils incapable of growth and change. Not that I feel strongly about that or anything. (And not that I actually think I know anything.)

Point is, sometimes that open mind can get me into trouble. Sure, I have things I know I always like. But sometimes things I think I hate surprise me into becoming things I love.

Can you tell that paint color is starting to confuse me? I plan to adjourn to my cracky ultra addictive but incredibly delicious (if only it were laced with paint fumes!) coffee to sort this issue out. Feel free to join me if you’d like.

[AD Russia]

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The Perfect White?

So now that I have a fantasy house to help decorate, I’ve been busy as a bee collecting inspiration pictures and ideas for The Inlaws. Priority #1 is a complete kitchen overhaul, and I’m sure we’ll discuss that ad nauseum later. For now I am preoccupying myself with determining an overall color palette for their house my vacation getaway. The space is not ginormous, but the ceilings are super high, it has tons of windows and it gets a lot of light. The floors are warm polished marble, like so:

The current neutral running throughout the house is not horrible, but it’s a little too yellow (more yellow than this picture). The aqua walls have to go — too cold and contemporary. The Inlaws have employed fairly traditional decor in the past, and I feel like my task will be to ever so gently nudge them toward clean lines with casual finishes. I’m headed for slightly more modern but still very comfortable (and hopefully with a splash of drama), as befits a super radical 70’s pool house. They seem willing to go to there.

With that in mind, I’d like to solicit your ideas for the perfect white. The ideal candidate would stand 6’2″, do dishes, and be sexy as hell. Or, you know, just look great on the walls. I have some ideas of my own, but I’d love to hear yours.

Help me out, peeps. Nothing too clinical or super ultra light. Something versatile and welcoming.

And… go!

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I’m Down With OCD

The paint problem has reached fever pitch. I awoke to about 500 sample swatches painted all over Ike’s walls and had a major WTF?! moment this morning. Should I pick light Stonington Gray and just dewit, or should I pick a medium gray and hope that it will balance out the jumble of white and mahogany furniture I have amassed? Or should I go with the sample Sanders sent home with me yesterday, as seen in a very fancy Austin home featured in House Beautiful:

Oooooo, the dark! (and eeeeeewww, that bedskirt!)

Sanders gave me a pint of Wolf by Pratt and Lambert (they sell P&L paints over at his store) and it’s gorgeous. But dark. Verrrrrrry dark. Too dark for a nursery/playroom? Too dark for what may be the best lit room in the house? Too dark for my tiny cojones? I just don’t know. But I like it.

Meanwhile, Karly is all like, why are you painting over the blue? I like the blue. And I’m like… duuuurrrrr… I don’t know. I’m so tired of a toddler trying to climb up the ladder behind me and rub his tiny grabby hands in paint (he has succeeded only once) that I am wondering the very same thing myself.

Except that, I don’t actually like blue. The hormones made do it. The second I found out I was having a boy, I was all BLUE ROOM!!!!

Gross. Not that there’s nothing actually wrong with blue, since it’s the most adored color in the world — there’s something wrong with me. (it’s not you, it’s me. promise.)

Anyway, I need to take the day to reassess my motives. Light and kid friendly, dark and brooding, light with a dark accent wall (sounds very noncommittal at this point, which is somewhat appealing but also annoying), or some kind of medium neutral gray.

All advice and support is appreciated. You guys are the bestest support group for painting freaks ever.

Not that you are a freak or anything… but our tagline does say that Design Crisis is the fix for your creative compulsions.

So there you have it.

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