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Buy My Awesome Stuff

I have the urge to purge. Ok, and the need to bring the benjamins, because I have to pay for my fancy new table somehow. You know, the table which I have not yet ordered. Sorry to disappoint you guys — I’ve been busy, but hoping to order asap.

Anyhow, if you live in the Austin area and are interested in any of my fine wares, please leave a comment or respond to the craigslist ad and I’ll make you a sweet deal.

First up, I still have this stupid table. I have gotten a trillion emails about it, but no takers. Please come get it.

Craigslist ad HERE.

Oh, I also have a pair (yes, TWO) of those Knoll executive chairs for sale, but they’re not posted on the Craig. They look like this but with five legs:

Upholstery is a gray green wool in good condition, although there are some spots. Casters are a bit sticky. Knoll labels still intact. Sorry I’m too lazy to take new pictures. Make me an offer.

Next up, vintage cube table.

Craigslist ad HERE.

It’s in pretty good shape, and it’s taking up valuable real estate in my living room.

Next I have a pair of (TWO) Lane walnut end tables.

Craigslist ad HERE.

You can kind of sort of see both of them here:

These are dope. Solid walnut, inlaid edges. A few nicks and one spot in the finish pictured.

Buy them before I change my mind…

And then there is this brass console table, for which I have only hideous pictures.

Craigslist ad HERE.

Um, yeah. That is a shamefully bad picture. But hopefully you can see through the glare to the majesty within.

Brassy is as brassy does.

What else? Oh yes — this:

The infamous blue velvet and chrome rocker. She’s Italian, I think. Sexy as all get out. But if I can get the right price, out the door she goes.

A lot of people have expressed interest, but I’m going to try to sell her locally if possible. If you live in the area, make me an offer.

That’s all I have for now.

Buy my stuff, please.

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Jamie Bush

A while back my pal David John of the uberfantastic blog You Have Been Here Sometime casually informed me that he had worked for Jamie Bush, architect and designer extraordinaire. I shouldn’t have been the least bit surprised because David John is ultra talented, super educated, and lots of other important stuff. And then I started stalking Jamie Bush… dude has some genius solutions for odd spaces, and he knows how to work materials like nobody’s business.

Just when I think I’m over Mid Mod, this comes along to remind me that I’m only over erstatz Mid Mod — the ugly lovechild of fleabitten avocado green upholstery and big box espresso veneer.

I would happily sell my soul to live in a place like this — half baked neotrad aspirations be damned.

I never said I wasn’t a fickle beast.

[Pics via Remodelista]

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Fight or Flight

I have to say that our kitchen was starting to look pretty great. Some counters were done, some cabinets were installed, we got new appliances and a new sink — sucka was almost functional. But of course, it couldn’t last. It is a fact of nature that all matter gravitates towards entropy, aka dastardly chaos, and why should our home renovations break the laws of physics? When we yanked out the first cabinets during Christmas, I would have choked on my own astonishment had I realized that redoing this kitchen would take so long. But like the great sage Paula Abdul once said, “You take two steps forward, I take two steps back.”

erin's kitchen renovations

Except, in our case, it often feels like we’re two stepping up and down.

I’m pretty tired of this bizness, and have concocted a new plan to buy this house in a sweet part of northwest Austin:

lakemoore dr

You see, they spent two whole years renovating this 60’s gem, which would mean NO MORE RENOVATIONS FOR ME. Plus, Miss Lakemoore Drive is 3500 sq ft, has a kidney shaped pool, sits on half an acre near Bull Creek, and features a built in freestanding fireplace that would rock my world. Literally. Momma like. To sweeten the deal, it listed at 859k but has been reduced to 799k, which makes it eminently almost not really affordable at all, but a girl can dream, right?

lakemoore dr

lakemoore dr

lakemoore dr

lakemoore dr

lakemoore dr

lakemoore dr

lakemoore dr

lakemoore dr

lakemoore dr

lakemoore dr

Well, what do you say? Who’s with me? Co-op anyone?

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Express Yourself

Sorry for the short posts of late, but I’ve been super busy with house guests and birthdays. In other words, I’ve been having a little bit way too much fun… I do love summer!

Anyway, I know I’m behind the curve here, but I am completely obsessed with Mad Men. If you haven’t seen it yet, well, watch it not only for the great acting and story lines, but also for the AMAZING set decor. It takes place at an advertising agency in 1960, so all the furniture is sleek Knoll and Herman Miller, Saarinen tulip chairs and Stiffel lamps, walls are covered in walnut paneling and grasscloth, all with punches of lime and red to lend character to the neutral furnishings. This isn’t the best picture, but I think you can see what I mean:

mad men

The paintings in particular caught my eye, mostly because I am searching for the perfect something to fill a blank space on my wall. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I want an abstract expressionist painting for the wall behind my sofa… I really hope my old art profs are covering their eyes, because matching art to your furniture is so very naughty.

Nevertheless, Ebay tempts me to decorate away with their wide selection of vintage abstract paintings:

ab ex montage

Clockwise from top left: J. Van de Bogert, Nicola Naimo, Andre J. Grill, W. Nolte.

Although I had to hunt through pages and pages of paintings that said they were abstract but weren’t (hello, people, a painting of driftwood and flowers is representational), I did manage to find quite a few gems. Of the paintings above, I really think the black and white is the best of the bunch, followed by the one with the white background.

Here are some more goodies by Bela de Kristo and I. Zevon:


I think lefty is more versatile, but with the right wall color that purple background could look fantastic. Really, though, I like both of these, but with starting bids at $450 they’re too too rich for my poor poor blood.


These paintings by Martin Pearce and an unknown artist have earthy undertones that would work well against a pale aqua wall… which I no longer have.


I’m considering this 50’s painting by Josef Jose but it’s so hard to tell what the colors will read as in real life, and I suppose this is part of the danger of decorating with art. If you buy something because it’s amazing and it speaks to you, then you’ll always find a place for it. If you buy a piece to coordinate with something, then you run the same risks of color trauma that you do with ordinary fabrics, rugs and patterns.

Hey painting, if you want to live with me you better start talking.

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