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Mellow Yellow

Today marks the second visit of the cleaning lady, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to mutiny when she sees how dirty this place has gotten in two weeks. Little does she know that my cat attracts leaves like velcro and paint in the sink is a state of being over here. But she might also notice that since the last time she was here, new curtains were boughten and the bedroom has been painted and my shelves for the front room are back, sporting a fresh coat of glossy paint.

Good things. Things that will appear in pictures soon. I promise.

Some bad things might have happened, too. Things like our fancy marble dining table arrived cracked down the middle. And I didn’t order enough wallpaper for the baby’s room. And I’m 99% sure I didn’t order enough wallpaper for the powder room, either… did someone say wallpaper calculator? Who? Wha?

I don’t know — maybe it’s the fact that I’m dead tired and HUGE, but I just don’t care anymore.

That’s why they call me mellow yellow…


Tomorrow I will assuredly have a nervous breakdown since I’ve been with Ike all day all summer with no school, plus his birthday party is this Saturday and I haven’t prepped AT ALL.

Oh and the baby will be here in a month.

Mellow yellow, dudes.



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Double Sickness

I have a full blown case of the achy sniffles. All of my bones feel like glass, which is somewhat apropos since I intend to spend the entire miserable day parked in front of my computer searching for a light fixture like this:

kalmar ice glass chandelier

As you may recall from this weirdo post I am mildly obsessed with Mazzega, Vistosi, and of course Kalmar, chandeliers. I may or may not already own a vintage lucite (ok, plastic) version that I picked up for a song, but there’s something about real glass that always sings its sweet siren song to my wallet.

Let me know if you come across one that costs less than an international adoption. I’m too capricious for that kind of┬ácommitment.

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