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Laser Light Show, Mini Edition

Every once in a while a little tidbit this way comes that has both of us rubbing our hands in glee. This is such a bit. Courtesy of our friend Andrea, check out these Babies With Laser Eyes.

babies with laser eyes

Yep. That’s a baby with laser eyes.

Now, I know that DC is ultimately a design blog. We present you with hard hitting entertainicles on the best paint colors and furnishing trends, with a healthy dose of hip artwork and graphic design to round out the awesomeness. Do laser babies fit into any of these categories? I don’t know. Blow one of these bad boys up into a poster and stick it on your wall. Your mom will love it.

babies with laser eyes

Who knew that babies could be raised on a steady diet of magic mushroom milk and Pink Floyd? The baby instruction manuals I read completely glossed over this important information.

babies with laser eyes

I’m pretty sure The Hunny is going to want a T-shirt of this one.

babies with laser eyes

Angry laser baby bad!

babies with laser eyes

This little dude is going to haunt my dreams, for reals.

babies with laser eyes

Can you say hot tub?

Let’s just pretend for one minute that you don’t like babies. Well, first of all that would be ridiculous. But whatever, we can’t all be obsessed with chubby cheeks and giggles and precious bodily fluids. But if you don’t like baby animals with lasers, then you are going to have to go somewhere else. Psycho.

babies with laser eyes

Awww, sweet double headed laser kitty. I want one so bad.

babies with laser eyes

Little laser puppehs.

babies with laser eyes

Undomesticated laser crossing.

How could this post be complete without featuring some of our own laser babies? First up is Andrea’s brand new little man, Ozzy:


And Ozzy’s crime fighting friend, Ike. These kids are going to get into so much trouble together.

babies with laser eyes

I did make his lasers green, but The Hunny informed me that Superman’s special eye lasers are red. Duh.

For more lasertastic photos, and to learn how to add lasers to, well, anything, go here.

Just imagine the possibilities…

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This just isn’t my week

Ok.  So I’ve recovered from the internet outage of 2010 (with a new internet service provider, might I add) and have come to the table with fresh eyes.

In order to make up for my crappy posts this week, I blew off work that NEEDED TO BE DONE to write a lovely post for you about a Texas family living in Las Vegas with a hot glue gun.  Sound familiar?  Yeah, 3 hours into my expose I learned that which my internet outage had been hiding from me:  ERIN WROTE ABOUT IT WEDNESDAY.  So, what are we to ascertain from this situation:

1.  Erin and I are slowly fusing into one person

2.  Time Warner cable is not my friend and they deserved my desertion

and finally, and most importantly

3.  One three hour post does not beget another so today you get another video because i just can’t type anymore.

I strongly encourage you to spend the rest of your Friday afternoon evading your boss and watching all of the videos from Pleix here.  If you get fired, don’t blame me, it’s totally Designer’s Brew’s fault for sending me that awesome link to begin with.  Thanks DB!

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Laser Light Show: Now in Full Color!

A hoy, hoy, kiddos!  I’m just barely back from the dead as my seemingly never ending sickness is still doing it’s best to keep me firmly planted on the couch in front of yet another craptastic TNT marathon.  And maybe a little American Idol action.  It’s ok, I only watch audition week, the rest is as lame as this flu I can’t shake.

Anyhoodle, last weekend Erin and little Ike sensed my misery and sent me a link to this (yes, Ike sent the link too, I have proof):

Egads!!!  The full color laser light show mural was almost enough to defibrillate my weak ass back into action.  I followed the link action Erin and Ike were hooking me up with only to find (wait for it)… more murals!!

Be still my beating heart!  Mad genius Matt W Moore takes LLS magic to a whole new level with his layers of color and distorted perspective.  And you know what, he doesn’t just do murals

He has his own typeface (swoon),

A series of surfboards with his art gracing the bottom (who doesn’t, right?),

Some sweet t-shirt graphics for clothing line blood is the new black

and, of course, good old fashioned art

who can guess who’s bedroom these would look awesome in?  Hint:  it’s mine.

But seriously, I’m starting to wonder if the days are just longer in Maine, where Matt is from.  Maybe it’s something about all that syrup and lobster that makes him 12,000 times more productive and awesome than us lazy bones here in Texas.  I don’t know, but it’s really making me need a nap.  Right in front of some reality tv.

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Thrift Score

Right now my house is an absolute mess.  Totally and completely.  My refrigerator is empty too, which has forced me to live on a scrambled egg white and turkey bacon diet for the last few days.  Remedying both of these problems was at the top of my to-do list this weekend but you know what?  I didn’t do any of it.  Instead I spent the entire day Sunday watching movie marathons on tv and catching up on my crafting projects.  Regrets: zero; New pieces of artwork: 2.

This is a before and after post, so don’t be scared by this first picture:

I found this bandaid colored mess at the thrift store last Friday and was really digging all the pattern magic that was happening.  The flesh tones, not so much.  So I dug out my box of paints and paint brushes and grabbed a sharpie then went to town.  The results?

A brightly colored laser-light-show wonderland that isn’t nearly as blurry in real life as it is in this photo.  I know, I know, I’ve been laser light show crazy lately, but at least I put a new spin on this with the little black triangles scattered throughout.  It was a risk, but I think it paid off.

Here’s a closeup of my master work:

The polka dots weren’t here before, either.  I also added the red, blue, yellow and green because those were the only decent colors I could find.  Seriously, I don’t know where all my good paint ran off to.

I had such a grand ole time sprucing up the print, once I was done I decided to move on to the 3 dimensional project I’ve had on the docket for quite some time now.  I found this creepy madonna and child sculpture at a thrift store in Ft. Smith, Arkansas over Christmas break.  Having wanted to play laser party on a sculpture for a while now, I figured this was as good as any to start with.  One Tom Hanks movie later and here’s what I got:

I have to admit, I actually tried this project right after Christmas with decidedly different results.  I originally taped off all the areas I wanted to keep white then spray painted the exposed portions with black paint.  Despite my meticulous taping, you know that paint bled and it was yuckytown USA.

I repainted her white and started from scratch.  This time, I bought chartpak tape, a thin, high-gloss tape that comes in every color of the rainbow (even metallic gold!).  The lines you see here aren’t paint, they’re actually tape.  Once the chart-pac tape was applied, I sprayed her with clear-gloss spray paint to keep everything in place.  Here are more views:

And that is that.  Now I have to skeedaddle, these groceries aren’t going to buy themselves.

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