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Baby’s Room Inspiration: Scribbles

G’morning!  I’m back from Vegas and with zero trips planned between now and bambino arrival it’s time to move full speed ahead on kiddo decor.  I’ve acquired most of the items needed to create the world’s most precious and heartwarming nursery, now I just need to give everything a spit-shine and drop it in place.  Ok, easier said than done.

My biggest project?  Curtains.  I got the brilliant idea to use drop-clothes as curtains from the always inspiring AB Chao.  As soon as I saw her post I knew I wanted to cover the window wall floor-to-ceiling with some fab chunky drapes.  I ordered bleached white drop clothes online*  but decided that bleached white wasn’t quite awesome enough for, what is sure to be, the world’s most radical baby.

I’ve decided to paint on my pristine white drapes.

I had a few ideas for prints and patterns but none quite worked (the yellow raindrops were quickly nixed when I considered the allusion to golden showers).  A panicked email to blog BFF Raina quickly subsided my woes when she suggested I emulate the work of scribble genius Cy Twombly.

I relayed Raina’s suggestion to Erin who instantly agreed and reminded me of this Kelly Wearstler entryway.  This is about the time when my heart started beating out of my chest and I knew the curtains had to be made.

Again, this is an inspiration post, so, no curtains today (they just arrived at my house yesterday and painting should commence this weekend).  BUT!  Look at the awesome interior shot above which I found ages ago on Designalogue and have been fantasizing about ever since.  I will be channeling this heavy handed painting while wielding my brush-sword this weekend.

Proving herself to be the fountain of pure link magic and knowledge that I knew her to be, Erin also sent me this link via Eye Spy which continues to confirm that Raina’s scribble idea is great and good.

Once I got the scribble bug, I started to see scribbles everywhere.  Yesterday’s post on Desire to Inspire conjured up scribble images when the cord of this lamp formed a lovely 3 dimensional scribble.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll emulate the cord drape in the little dude’s room for the sake of repetition.  Or not.  I promise to draw the line just before overkill.

For the ultimate 3D scribble I bow my humble head to the appropriately named Scribble lamp by Thout.  I will be conjuring it’s warm glow as I take paint to canvas this weekend.  Wish me via con Dios and, with some luck and all that via con Diosing I will hopefully be showing you some yellow and white scribble curtains next Tuesday.

*If you’re wanting to do drop cloth curtains and you want them to be bleach white, skip home depot and lowes, theirs are canvas color and no amount of bleach on the planet is making them white.  Believe me, I’ve tried.   Buy these instead. You’re welcome.

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I Want To Go To There

This past Weekend If the Lamp Shade Fits posted soul-crushing pictures from a bed and breakfast in the south of France. The whole spread was just lovely and I strongly urge you to go check it out, but first I want to show you the room I just can’t get enough of:

Ok, so admittedly those suspiciously adirondack-like chairs have got to go, but the rest just warms my very heart. Of course, the designer utilized my go-to pallet of black white and yellow, so I instantly feel at home in the room but this house differs from mine in that it’s got a more sophisticated yet comfortable feel. When I grow up I’m totally doing this to my room.

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Backyard Inspiration

Ever since the back porch demo last weekend, my mind has been racing with ideas for our backyard.  Seriously, I woke up at 5am Tuesday (thank you Rowdy!) and I could not fall back asleep because my mind was racing with ideas on how to best beautify our new outdoor retreat.

Due to an annoyingly intrusive work schedule, I have yet to lay hands on the newly exposed soil but (hooray!) Erin and I have an outing to the Natural Gardner scheduled this week.  I’ll give you a full report provided it’s the shangri la of landscaping that I envision.  While I’m there, I plan to keep a few images from my outdoor spaces inspiration folder in mind:

Let’s keep in mind that it’s the feeling of these spaces not the exact look that i’m going for.  Much as I would love a crazy stairwell over my lovely exposed concrete wall, I don’t think I’m going to get either structure.

I have wanted  a pergola covered in vines for as long as I can remember.  It had been my plan to build one at this house.  In fact, part of the reason our backyard demo took so long was that I was waiting for my husband to have the time to build one.  Reality finally set in and I realized that my children’s children would probably off to college before Matt ever had the time to construct the pergola of my dreams.  I decided the sun sails I bought were almost as good, and the fact that they can go up immediately make them even better.

Oh, but for the record, don’t you love this picture?

I can’t even find a spot to hang my new chair, much less a crystal chandelier, but I do still love the structured greens in this photo.

I want a pool.

This is my very favorite style of landscaping.  Slightly structured chaos, lots of overlap, mixed textures, native grasses, lush without being tropical, zero shrubs and not too many flowers.  It’s pretty much perfect.  Raise your hands if you think a novice planter like myself can recreate this look.

And here are a few more random images I like:

And that is that, I will keep you dudes posted on progress.  But I do promise that this won’t become a landscaping blog.

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Friday on a Tuesday

The post I have for you today is looks a lot more like a Friday post (short, sweet, pretty) then a Tuesday post (long, labored, totally hilarious) but, you see, I was working on a traditional Tuesday-style post when I came across this Friday-style content and I just could not keep it secret until the end of the week.

I don’t even think I heard a word of the song in this video I was so enchanted by all the scenes.  If you’re at the office, turn off the volume, you don’t need it, it’s just that rad

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L’Ogre on Vimeo.

Normally the recreation of famous works of art in a music video would get a giant eye roll from me, but I like that these dudes aren’t taking themselves too seriously or trying to show off their art history knowledge.  It’s just fun.  I like it.

Thursday you’ll get a long post.  Promise.

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More Office Inspiration

Sorry for the late post today, yesterday was my wedding anniversary and the hubs and I went to dinner so I didn’t write my post last night.  Bad!  Bad Karly! 

As promised on Monday, I’ve rounded up more office inspiration, let’s see if you smarty pants can guess what these pictures have in common:

So we’ve figured it out by now?  Man, you guys are AMAZING!  So, yeah, I love things en masse, cluster up just about anything and I’ll swoon.  I have lots of colorful art in simple frames that is poised to be hung all about my office salon-style.  Here are more inspiration pics

Ok, this isn’t quite the look I’m going for, but I do have a pair of antlers that might make the cut

As part of the magical “heirloom” collection my mother sent, I received a couple of pieces that are not unlike these.  The giant gold guilded frames may or may not find a home in my office.  

Ok, it’s a bit much.  I also don’t like that couch or the stacked spools of thread.

Yes, I’ve shown you this before, but who can get enough of that table????  Oh, wait, I mean that clustered art????

Clean Cluster

Crazy Cluster!

Karly Cluster!

That’s me in my old apartment about 4 or 5 years ago.  I won’t be revisiting the empty frames motif in my current space, I just wanted to show that the cluster art thing isn’t a new theme for me.

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