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Summahtime Sculpture Score

Oh summer, you verdant minx. So flashy with your hot dogs and bikini clad pool parties. The pageantry of blooming pomegranate trees and cookouts en plein air… I would love you so much more if only I could get some work done.

The no school thing is really getting in the way of my posts. Sorry about that. Let me make it up to you.

russell jacques sculpture

 It has the Brancusi flava.

Thrifting: it’s what I do with the kids when we’re all hiked/biked/plum swum out. And what did I spy with my gimlet eye, at goodwill no less? Oh it’s just a giant solid bronze signed sculpture by Russell Jacques, who makes giant outdoor sculptures like these:

Maybe I should take my sculpture outside for some fresh air and kumbaya on the guitar? No?

So new sculpture is crazy good, but also heavy, pointy, and highly dangerous to my curious georges. Would that I could let it live on the coffee table, because it looks amaze with my fancy Jenny Andrews Anderson painting.

PS, I will be revealing more of that hot action later, after curtains that will surely transform my life come in.

Until then, enjoy the sculpture photoshoot that pajama time Ike and I did together. He’s a right good little Vanna White.

russell jacques

I don’t know how he got so big… it floors me how long the days are, but short the years.

I’m off to spend some more QT time with my boys, because maybe the no school thing ain’t so bad, after all.

In the meantime, sorry to get pimpy but please do drop by and say hi if you enjoyed this post. I may hoard room tours until fall if everyone is too busy summering it up to glue themselves to the computer and read blogs.

Gather ye beach balls and koozies while ye may.

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I’m Not Dead Yet

I’m back from paradise, tanned (or ever so slightly less pasty) and relaxed (or perhaps at least vaguely less stressed out). Due to another crappy doctor’s report the day before we were scheduled to fly out we really weren’t sure we’d be able to go, but after much conferencing we hopped on a plane and I’m happy to report that the whole family survived the trip unscathed, even the fetus. My mom got married, we spent a lot of time by the pool, and everyone drank their weight in vodka. Except for me. Boo hiss.

I’m having some issues re acclimating to the time zone, by which I mean that I would prefer to spend the entire day lazing in bed and catching up on tv, so don’t expect any fabulous decor related news today (although I have been changing some stuff up, so expect many pleas for help later in the week). Mostly I just wanted to drop in and say, Hey — I’m ok.

And also to point out that Ike is angling to become captain of the croquet world.

Fun times were had by all.

See you dudes tomorrow!

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I’m Riding the Thrift Train to Flossytown

Last week I flipped the thrift switch, and now I’m an unstoppable bargain buying machine. Vintage ikat and paisley tablecloths, overgrown 70’s floral needlepoints, a crazy musical cakeplate, and 5000 ceramic pieces later, I show no signs of slowing down — which is handy since Round Top is tomorrow. (Will Karly buy another coffee table, or won’t she? Tune in next week to find out…) My latest find has left me with a bit of buyer’s remorse, not unlike the time I bought this.

Let’s see what y’all think of my latest purchase:

A vintage Milo Baughman brass based barrel chair in lipstick red. Homegirl still has her Thayer Coggin manufacturer labels intact. And she swivels and rocks. Tease.

But what the hell am I going to do with this thing? Although I love the color — despite pledging my allegiance to the black and white stars and stripes forever — the upholstery has seen better days and probably needs to be redone. And wouldn’t it look amazing in this?

But since this fabric is $150/yd, I’m thinking no. Dammit.

Of course what I really wish I could do is upholster it in a vintage Jack Lenor Larsen fabric.

Did I say I was afraid of color? Well, If someone gave me a bolt of Larsen fabric, I wouldn’t bat a lash — I swear I would redecorate my entire house around one of his crazy psychedelic prints.

But back to the real world, and the most pressing question: do I keep this chair for which I have no available space and no real need, this chair which needs a $400-500 upholstery job, or do I sell it and make a little cash for… more thrift purchases (duh).

Sleepy eyes sure likes it.

In fact, since I brought little miss hot stuff home, Ike and the cat have fought for space on her bountiful seat — sometimes to deleterious effect. Ike and the chair are a little worse for wear. The cat, however, is doing just fine.

Keep or sell, people? Help me out.

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Ike’s Baby Bachelor Pad Revealed!

Finally finally finally, despite many obstacles and a complete lack of sleep, I managed to photograph Ike’s new nursery/playroom and today is the day I’m sharing it with you — my fellow members of perpetual renovators anonymous. If you recall, we wanted to get rid of the queen sized bed in Ike’s nursery, because who wants to play sleepover party with a snoring toddler in the room? Plus, Ike desperately needed some space to store his growing toy collection. Ok, I desperately needed to get the toys out of the living room, and for the most part we have succeeded. Triumph!

So, without further ado:

Hooray! We’re so glad it’s done, and it’s become an infinitely more pleasant place to spend time.

And a view of the facing wall where we have the changing station, plus a peek at me shooting the room. I really hope I was wearing a bra that day…

Since I’m sure you’re dying to know, here’s the skinny on how this whole plan came together. The first item at hand was stuffing our giant queen sized mattress in Ike’s closet (I can’t believe it fit). Then we headed out to Ikea and bought some Expedit shelves and a kid’s Kritter table and chair set, for a total cost of about $120.

I have to say the white stuff wasn’t my first choice, but finding good vintage funiture for kids is HARD. And expensive. I looked everywhere for kid’s furniture, but Ikea really had the best, cheapest selection. And look at all that delicious toy storage.

Now that we had a jumbled mass of mahogany and stark white furniture, the paint drama descended on me like late stage ADHD, or maybe like early onset Alzheimers, or something else really really bad… after mixing up approximately 876 samples, Sanders cut me off and chose Pratt and Lambert’s Wolf. I LOVE IT. Have I mentioned lately that Sanders is a genius? He is. Go see him, or email us with your painting conundrums. He can fix them up lickety split.

After solving the paint problem, I scored the antique Heriz rug on craigslist for $160. It’s old and has taken a beating, which made it perfect for a kid’s room. Plus I’ve been dying for a Persian rug forever, since way before I wrote this post. Double plus this sucker is ginormous and triple plus it has been recently cleaned, which is HUGE deal for vintage Persian rugs, especially if you’re a lazy mom like me and you love to lay on the floor. You can’t just steam clean a Persian rug, and professional cleaning is crazy expensive — it cost the previous owner $600! But if you want one for yourself (and you know you do), Naomi over at Design Manifest wrote an excellet primer on how to snag your own.

It was of the utmost importance that we spend as little as possible on this project, so every single other thing in this room is something we already had: I got the Italian hot air balloon chandelier at Round Top over a year ago and Karly told me to paint it black (that Karly is one smart lady — smart enough to design a beautiful nursery right the first time around, as in without a giant unnecessary bed). The drummer boy painting was also a Round Top score. I’ve had the fabulous Klein blue velvet rocker since we moved into this house over three years ago, I scored the rocking horse at a thrift store before Christmas, the stuffed giraffe was something stupid like $3 at the thrift store, I’ve been toting around the vintage 50s sailboat painting over Ike’s crib since May 2005 (the thrift store sticker is still on the back), the mahogany furniture is early Phyllis Morris that we bought in California years ago, and the other toys and artwork were gifts from very generous friends and family — many of them made by hand.

I did get a few great 20×200 prints for Christmas that I put in here, including two by Jenny Odell and this one by William Wegman. Also, I traded Karly some plates for the coolest sconce in the world, which you can barely make out in the second picture. It’s a hand holding a lightbulb and it makes me gigglesnort every time I switch it on.

In case all you parents out there were wondering, yes — we do have more toys than these. There are two giant scooters parked in the closet (just for the pictures), and although we definitely reduced the amount of toys in the living room, there are still a lot of toys out in the living room. Kids like toys. Go figure.

That’s it for my tour, except for the most important part:

Ike loves his new room, just like any king loves his castle. And it’s a good thing, because I am not repainting it again.

At least not anytime soon.

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Ike’s Holiday Lookbook 2010

Despite my oft recounted holidayphobia, I actually put up a tiny tree this year. There are even Christmas lights securely stapled to the front of our house. Thoughtful (I hope) gifts have already been wrapped in pretty paper and mailed off to our beloved recipients — days in advance, I might add.

I’m sure you’re thinking, what the bleep has gotten into you, Erin?

Friends, it’s not what got into me. It’s what came out of me. Behold the reason for the season.

And would you look at that? Like mother, like son.

I’m a pretty lazy photographer, but I try to capture the milestone moments of my handsome little dude’s life. This time, though, I think I may have gone overboard. A little.

It’s been a long, beautiful year, but all good things must come to an end. And so, Ike and I wish you a very Merry Chrismukkah and a fabulously Happy New Year. The annual DC holiday blogcation is officially in effect, but not to fear. We’ll be back next year with more! Of everything! Including Karly!!! Hooray!

So mark your calendars for Monday, January 3. Sure, I may stumble into work a little hungover, but I’ll be here.

I hope you’ll be here, too.

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