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I Want To Go To There

This past Weekend If the Lamp Shade Fits posted soul-crushing pictures from a bed and breakfast in the south of France. The whole spread was just lovely and I strongly urge you to go check it out, but first I want to show you the room I just can’t get enough of:

Ok, so admittedly those suspiciously adirondack-like chairs have got to go, but the rest just warms my very heart. Of course, the designer utilized my go-to pallet of black white and yellow, so I instantly feel at home in the room but this house differs from mine in that it’s got a more sophisticated yet comfortable feel. When I grow up I’m totally doing this to my room.

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Weekend Getaway

I really wish this weekend were some sort of long weekend.  I know there must be a president or poet laureate with a birthday right around now.  Let’s celebrate him for crying out loud!

Well, since it’s only a 2 day weekend but I really want to get away, I should probably try to make this as efficient as possible.  Maybe my plane could also double as my hotel?  Yes, that should do the trick

This plane used to seat 120 people, now it’s been retrofitted with a jacuzzi, 3 flat-screen tvs, a 24 hour hostess (hmmm…), a king sized bed and a Blu-Ray player

I’m pretty sure these are no longer air-borne, but it would be awesome if they were.

I’m sure someone out there has a bath / flying fantasy that this is really doing it for.

And there’s that king sized bed I was telling you about.  This is really the only part that seams a little creepy to me.  What happens at night?  Do you seal up that exit door so you’re just locked in the air-tight tube?  I don’t know about this part.

Although playing make-believe-fighter-pilot does sound pretty awesome.

That’s all for today, dudes, you go have yourselves a mighty fine weekend

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Hats Off to the G Hotel

Ok, let me start by saying:  I totally understand that Hats Off to the G Hotel is the lamest post title ever.  But would you still love me if I promise promise, cross my heart, hope to die that there is a reason for the broadway style titling madness?  Yes?  Oh!  You’re the best, I’ll fill you in momentarily.  Ok, on with the show.

You dudes should know by now that my number one design weakness is a bangin hotel, so when I stumbled upon the G Hotel in Ireland (online, not in person, unfortunately) my heart skipped a beat or twelve.

Hello insane parlor, do you mind if mommy sips a few cocktails in here?  I forgot to bring my 3D glasses but I trust that the hallucinations will be fantastic nonetheless. 

The G Hotel (here’s where the stupid post title comes in) was designed by, up until now, hat designer Philip Treacy:

Ok, everyone, we’re going to vote by round of applause, which do you prefer:

-the floral arrangement next to our designer 


– the hats that made him famous:

If your answer was none of the above (for shame, did you SEE that hand hat?) what about his newest hotel design offering:

Some of you (RAINA!) may need to overt your eyes from the star-burst mirrors, might I suggest that you gaze upon the INCREDIBLE LIGHT FIXTURE instead?  I’ve been doing some math trying to figure out how to get one of those suckers into my bedroom, in gold of course, but unfortunately, I just can’t make it work so this picture is all I have to warm my heart at night.

I wonder how bad it is for a plasma screen to have a logo showing at all times.  Matt and I have a logo, I think it would be a nice touch to have it burning bright in our living room when the TV is off, which is pretty much always.  

Also, to the G Hotel employees who are reading this post (I’m totally famous, right?) please steal those chairs one by one and send them to me.  Once they are all missing, the hotel owners won’t have a use for the table, so you can send it, too.

I have to admit, I am not really so crazy about this room.  Maybe I would like it better if I were there and the drinks were flowing?  Mmmm, probably not.

I think this is the day spa, but I’m not feeling very relaxed.

Let’s look at more pictures I like because I really do like this hotel.

This front desk looks an awful lot like Mr. Treacy’s hat designs, which is just fine, but it’s really the puppy dog that’s stealing my heart.

Oh Look!  There he is again!  With a friend.  Where do you suppose I could get some of these for my house?  And, more importantly, do you think my real-life dog would be intimidated?

I wasn’t originally going to show you this because I think it’s snooz-er-iffic BUT there is a hot zebra, so it’s all good.

Speaking of snoozing, I wouldn’t be too mad if I had to sleep in this room for a night or two.  That painting over the bed reminds me of Nagel, which makes me giggle.  For fun during my waking hours, I’d burn that hideously printed chair.

If all the smoke fumes get me down, I’ll take a dip in this pool.  Michael Phelps will join me.

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Long Weekend

Don’t you all wish it were still the weekend instead of smelly, yucky Monday?  Well, you’re in luck!  We here at the influential Design Crisis head-quarters have deemed this a long weekend in observation of our record-breaking Texas Heat.  (not since 1920-something have we had 37 consecutive days of triple digit heat, with no rain, might i add).  So be it long weekend, so it was written so it is done.  What should we do with this extra day?  Why, take a dip of course:

la purificadora hotel pool 1

Mind Blowing Pool at La Purificadora Hotel, Puebla, Mexico

cross section

Exterior, La Purificadora Hotel.  

After swimming, my second favorite weekend activity is to peruse design magazines (perfect weekend: design magazines pool-side), this weekend I curled up with my fave: Elle Decoration UK.   Apparently the Brits like to swim too and they chose to rub it in my face by delivering pictures of some of the swankiest pools I’ve ever ever seen.  Here are some of my top pics from the issue.

hotel unique

Blood Red tile pool at the Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am so so curious to see what this pool looks like in real life.  Of course I’m only budgeted to stay in Brazil’s swanky Cidade de Deus, but, perhaps I could hop the fancy glass fence.

therme vals spa

itty bitty pics (sorry) of Therme Vals Spa, Vals, Switzerland

I love how clear the water is in the first picture, I know, it’s a pool, it’s supposed to be clear.  But I really really like clear water so whatever.  Those Alps in the background aren’t too bad either.  I’m not sure what’s happening in the last picture but I am willing to guess that it is very calming and relaxing.

Badeschiff, Berlin

badeschiff berlin

2 views of Badeschiff, Berlin

Again, I love clear water.  There is no way in hell you would ever get me to swim in that yucky lake that surrounds Badeschiff’s open air pool.  I love the idea that you could swim in this man made wonder and totally pretend that you are being all out-doorsy.  Interesting note:  the pool is made from shipping containers, so, yay, it’s totally green (faux-outdoorsy AND green?  I wonder if I have to wear a flannel bathing-suit to get in?)

mystique greece

Infinity Pool at Mystique, Oia, Santorini Greece

I know it’s kinda hard to tell what’s going on in this picture, but I’m pretty sure it’s amazing and magical.  First of all, there’s an infinity pool.  There is nothing on earth better than an infinity pool.  Yes, I am so easily amused that if some silly architect tries to trick me into thinking that the water goes on forever, I feel as though I’m living in a giant posh paradise.  Also, again we see a pool near a real body of water:  nature without all the yucky nature encounters:  perfect!

more pools

These 4 pools actually weren’t in Elle Decor, I just thought they looked like a nice place for us to spend our long weekend (and look, bonus eye candy without the $9.00 cover price! rose garden: promised, delivered.) 

Clockwise from top left: Azucar, Veracruz, Mexico; Rockhouse Hotel, Negril, Jamaica; Floris Suite Hotel, Piscadera Bay, Curacao; Laluna Morne Rouge, Grenada

Don’t you just adore the striped ottomans at the Azucar Pool?  I think I could make myself feel right at home laying on those bad boys.  Also, since these last 4 are in Mexico and the Caribbean they all feel a bit more attainable. Well, at least I like to trick myself into thinking that.

I can’t help but wonder, if I take back this 3-day weekend I just granted us all, and actually did something a bit more productive, would I be able to afford to visit one of these private alcoves of paradise rather than just fantasize and tell you about it?  Perhaps we could all go and have the world’s most well-designed pool party?  Who wants to set up the evite?

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