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Friday Thrift Store Score

Yesterday I realized that I’ve been moving like a zombie through life, with no time to do anything other than the bare minimum of dishes, laundry, child care, work, autopilot blog posts, rinse and repeat. With my first few minutes to spare in what seems like eons burning a hot hole in my pocket, I scooped up Ike and headed to the thrift store. Ah, the thrift store — a smelling salt strong enough to bring even the grayest zombie back to pink and rosy liveliness. A creamy salve soothing enough to heal any wound. Too bad it doesn’t do taxes and toilets, but a quick trip to the thrift store will fix just about any other problem I’ve got going on with its miraculous selection of crap I don’t need but desperately crave. It satisfies my inner hoarder, and cheaply at that.

Anyway, I bought a heavy vintage vase covered in gorgeous green glaze, one that speaks to me of precious emeralds and malachite mysteries. This ain’t the best picture, but y’all get the drift.

If you’ve been struggling just to tread water lately like I have, then I hope you find some time this weekend to hit your local thrift and uncover a treasure that speaks directly to your heart.

Hopefully for less than $5.

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It’s So Easy Being Green

I told everyone I was a leprechaun when I was little younger. I might have been overreaching a tiny bit. On the other hand, perhaps I truly am descended from the wee folk. Let’s review the facts: I am so short that I wear a size 5 shoe. I have funny pointed ears. I look fabulous in emerald green. My name is Erin and my mother was an O’Connor. Oh, and I love gold. A lot. Let’s just agree (for today, after which time I will pretend this never happened) that I might have a bit of the magic so that I can shower you with some luck o’ the Irish.

Nuevo Estilo via Nero Chronicles

Molly Luetkemeyer

Florence Lopez

Miles Redd for Oscar de la Renta

It just wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day post without a pot of gold shimmering at the end of the rainbow…

Dolce and Gabbana certainly know how to bring on the bullion.

And now I impishly decree it to be drinky o’clock.

Go chug some green beer and get liquored up!

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Emerald City

You guys know that I could never paint a color bolder than gray on any of my walls but that doesn’t negate my burning desire to hang out in rooms with some seriously bold color.  Right now I’m being seduced by these moody emerald walls.  Emerald?  I know, go figure.

Twig Hutchinson

Now I’m not going to let a pesky little detail like my current inability to sit on that couch stop me from digging this room.  As soon as the little bambino pops out I can roll all over that yellow beauty.

Zownir Locations

Hmmm, this yellow and emerald combo looks familiar, but that couch is decidedly more practical given my current condition.


In person:  could be awesome, could be scary.  I just don’t know.  I hope the towel is clean.

VT Wonen

Kinda emerald, right?

Diane Von Furstenberg

And if, like me, you can’t paint your walls green and, unlike me, you have a gragillion dollars, you can add the sexiest accessory known to mankind to your room via this Dian Von Furstenburg rug.  Psst, I found this over at If the lampshade fits and have been dreaming of it ever since.  Think I can sneak it onto my baby registry?

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I’ll have the wheatgrass with a side of wheatgrass

Today’s post is so random I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.  I wanted to tell you all about my fantasy dining experience in MIlan, but then I got all distracted by a crazy wall in the restaurant, and well, the rest is about to be history:

Let’s start with a make-believe dinner party at Home Made:

home made 1

I bet you’re thinking that between those tricky 2-D / 3-D wall lanterns and the big fluffy hanging lamp I can pack up my bags and call it a day; after posting such perfection, why bother showing anything else? Well, here’s why:

home 2

The pig or the wall?  The pig or the wall?  Which to discuss, I feel so Sophie’s choice.  Let’s get the pig out of the way, I’m going to go wall crazy on you in a matter of minutes.  So, Pig.  Yes, that pig is pure hot pink perfection (and I don’t even like pink!) I’m wondering if there’s some pig shaped mold out in the world that was used to form this.  If so, where is it and can I borrow it for just, like, half and hour?  La sigh.

I’m so in love with the way that Home Made is so fancy but still seems completely laid back.  I love beauty but pretension makes me squirm (or kick and hit) so this place looks like a great landing spot.

Now, on to the amazing plant wall.  It’s so dramatic and textured and colorful yet so simple… and attainable!  It reminds me of Patrick Blanc’s vertical gardens, which I have been drooling over for some time, yet had NO idea how to wrap my green thumbs around such a huge knock-off task.  Regardez:

vertical garden1

and just to make you cry:

vertical garden 2

I have visions, crystal clear visions of my dining room wall covered floor to ceiling in one of Patrick’s walls but I have neither the funds to afford a personal commission (can you imagine?!) or the hydroponic skills to engineer such an installation.  My daydream always ends with a very real visualization of dirt covered floors and water damaged walls.  And a grossly high nursery bill.

The wall at Home Made seems so much more, well, home make-able:  1.Find someone who can identify plants and ask them what the heck those are. 2. get some white shelves. 3. get some white planters.  4. Arrange, enjoy.  Right?  Must be!

Just incase you’re tempted by the grassy green walls but aren’t quite ready to purchase 87 white planters, here are a couple of other options for bringing the dirt and worms in: 

grass bench

Nomad Grass Lounger by Matt Gagnon

I really hate that picture (doesn’t it feel so photoshopped?), but it’s the best way to see the whole thing.  I like this one more:

grass bench 2

I really love how home made this feels.  So many objects of my affection feel so produced.  You feel like you have to have your masters in industrial design and a friend of a friend at a manufacturing plant in Tokyo just to even think about ever creating your own.  This feels very real, and like something the hubby and I could make with a trip to home depot.  I actually think this could be really cute sitting in a yard.

One more grass goody:

umbrella stand

Take Care Umbrella Stand

I love this idea, which also feels very make-able to me.  But it really bothers me that the grass in this photo is not perfectly green to the roots.  They are trying to sell this product, photoshop that bitch… but not as much as the photoshopping in the bench picture.  Gosh, I guess I’m not hard to please at all.

So, there you have it.  A wandering rambling tour of a bunch of grassy trendy foody stuff.  Wasn’t this almost as fun as that time we ran through the grassy Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly while David Bowie was trying to kidnap our half-brother?  Almost?


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Repurpose, Redesign

Despite an entire Monday spent extolling the many virtues of cardboard furniture (although dingy brownness was not one of them), I am still in a recycling state of mind, possibly because all the trash floating down our street is making me sick. No more Church’s Chicken cups, beer cans and gross dirty band aids in my yard, please! While I haven’t found a use for old band aids yet (and I’m sure I never will), I have found a veritable cornucopia of cool items designed from repurposed materials.

repurposed montage

Clockwise from top left: San Francisco Metro Map Bowl by Etsy seller picapicadesign, Recycled wool blanket purses by designer Tieneke Beunders at Ontwerpduo, Recycled aluminum pop top purse by Brazilian designers at Escama Studio, and Recycled packaging lights by Anke Weiss seen at Yanko Design.

I am obsessed with maps (look for a future post devoted solely to their geographical goodness), so I adore the bowls by Picapica, and all the purse are very cute, wearable, and environmentally friendly. Yay trashless yard! The lamp made from recycled packaging is also a nifty idea, and it just goes to show that with a simple light kit (sold at Hope Depot or Ikea), many objects can be reborn as lighted sculptures. Par example, regardez Francois Legault’s amazing spoon chandeliers at Unik:

francois legault

I’m relieved that he used spoons instead of forks. I am not sure how I would feel about a million pointed tines aiming at my eyes as I gazed up at their splendor.

Meanwhile, Tineke Beunders over at at Ontwerpduo is busy building more pieces out of materials that make you wonder why anyone ever discarded them in the first place.


The chair (which, in real life, I am quite sure is NOT as large as the cupboard), is strung like Danish rope cord but with old telephone wires. Being one of the landlineless legions, I had forgotten telephone wire even existed, but then I remembered waaay back to my awesome clear Swatch phone and its colorful guts. It’s a very surprising use of materials, I think. And the cupboard made of old metal file boxes really belongs in my house. I want it and its filthy industrial patina so, so badly.

If you’re looking for something a little more classic, something that screams less “Hey, I am recycled!” and more “Hey, I cost a sh*tload of money!” then look no further than the Phillipe Starck designed Kong chair, modeled after the ubiquitous Ghost chair, but this time cast and welded with 88% recycled aluminum:

kong chair

I’ve got to say that those are some sexy chairs. Unlike the other pieces I featured today (all of which I am still in love with), the Starck chair bears no mark of its original incarnation as a thousand common cans. It must have cost a small fortune just to get the base materials into a finished state, so I’m sure the $2000 price tag is somewhat justified.

Maybe they’ll get recycled one step further and show up on Craigslist. Knock a zero off and those babies are mine.

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