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Golden Globes

Update!  I am still totally in love with gold!  I thought that maybe I was leaving my go-to-gold-and-gray color palette for my new lover chrome-and-camel, and, don’t get me wrong, C & C is totally my boyfriend on the side but Gold remains my long term love.  We’re soul cell mates as my husband likes to say.  How was my burning desire for gold rekindled you ask?  I’m pretty sure it was the exact second I saw this puppy:

What is wrong with this picture?  Yeah, that’s right:  Nothing.  This example of walking / talking perfection comes from the design duo meier / ferrer

While this is most certainly enough to rekindle a waning romance, I knew my love was never really gone since I can’t seem to get this light out of my head:

The Sciolari ceiling light in Kelly Wearstler’s own home is nothing short of amazeballz.  I have a few personal spaces I’m working on right now and I want this light for all of them.

I will also be willing to settle for this gold gem.   (BTW thank you Andrea for the find!)

Although I think I’m going to have to forego the $4500 light and spring for something more like this.  It’s gold, I’ll be fine.

Oh!   I’ll especially be fine if it looks like this.  See, I really just will never get over gold.  And it is with every fiber of my being that I say: Yes, I absolutely would 100% live here:

Yep.  All over it.

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It’s So Easy Being Green

I told everyone I was a leprechaun when I was little younger. I might have been overreaching a tiny bit. On the other hand, perhaps I truly am descended from the wee folk. Let’s review the facts: I am so short that I wear a size 5 shoe. I have funny pointed ears. I look fabulous in emerald green. My name is Erin and my mother was an O’Connor. Oh, and I love gold. A lot. Let’s just agree (for today, after which time I will pretend this never happened) that I might have a bit of the magic so that I can shower you with some luck o’ the Irish.

Nuevo Estilo via Nero Chronicles

Molly Luetkemeyer

Florence Lopez

Miles Redd for Oscar de la Renta

It just wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day post without a pot of gold shimmering at the end of the rainbow…

Dolce and Gabbana certainly know how to bring on the bullion.

And now I impishly decree it to be drinky o’clock.

Go chug some green beer and get liquored up!

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hey Dudes, I’m running late for a flight so I have to bid you adieu for a few days with little more than a reminder of what some planes look like sometimes:

But none to worry, Erin will be here tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday we have an extra special magical guest post, so you should only be crying tears of joy.

PS for more info on the 3′ plane made of used keys, go here.

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Color Combinations: Aubergine & Gold

Recently I can feel a dramatic shift in my design preferences.  Where I used to bookmark white interiors like they were going out of style, well, for me, I think they might be going out of style.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love a crisp, clean, white interior but I just flipped through my color combinations folder and saw a lot of this action:

As you can see, my interest in gold hasn’t waned much (has it grown!!!??  good lord) but the surrounding tones have gotten significantly darker

Ok, so admittedly, that light fixture really seals the deal here.  No, not the duck one.

No fancy interiors to see here, but this was smack-dab in the middle of my color file so I figure it must be worth sharing.  Other odd images I found right along it’s side include:

Love the color, love the fur, love the sparkle.  This could totally translate into a room.

And there it is again.   I would like for you to tell me how this color combination is not perfection.  Or, send me more pictures of real interiors in these tones… I want more!

PS, if I took any of today’s pictures from any of your blogs and didn’t note it here it’s because I don’t remember where I got any of these pictures.  Leave a comment if they’re from your site and I’ll happily give you credit.  xoxo

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