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One Room Challenge: Week Two — Hemlock Grove

Hello everyone, welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge! By now most assuredly you’ve had the opportunity to visit some of the other blogs participating in the challenge. So have I. Those people are talented. It’s a little intimidating, but here I am powering through all of my self preservation instincts to bring you updates on the rehabilitation of my hideous dinette into proper society. You may recall that I spent last week hemming and hawing, holding a paint swatch of Farrow and Ball’s Arsenic next to anything that would sit still.

farrow ball arsenic

Now I know lots of you out there wouldn’t blush at the thought of a bubblegum pink living room or a lilac boudoir or an Hermes orange office, but I am Misses Conservative when it comes to paint. I like light neutrals and moody darks. I don’t do midtone brights. But — let’s all say it together — it’s just paint. And it’s a tiny, dark, boring room. I honestly couldn’t come up with a reason not to spend a whopping three hours of my life painting this dinky dinette something transformative.

farrow ball arsenic

Like, LSD transformative.


And you know what, it’s not half bad. I mean, my floors are bad, the soffit is bad, that unpainted register is bad. But the color? I kind of like it. I also think the name is cool… does that make me weird?

farrow ball arsenic

Arsenic is a super weird color — it’s not blue and it’s not green. It’s darker than the previous peachy pink yet suddenly I need to dim the lights at night.

farrow ball arsenic

It looks not too shabby with the things going on around it, although the dirty grout on the tile floors is KILLING me (spoiler alert: I already cleaned it).

farrow ball arsenic

farrow ball arsenic

I don’t hate it. Does that mean I like color?

Will I pair it with neutrals as is my usual modus operandi, or do I go full on acid trip with mega bright art and upholstery? Perhaps somewhere in between?

Only time will tell. Tune in next week to see me pour a gallon of gasoline on that dining set and burn it to teeny tiny splintery ashes.

Just kidding, although I would pay to see that show. I do however need to get the furniture situation on lock. It’s keeping me awake at night…

one room challenge

Until then, please do visit my lovely co participants:


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How Many Colors Can You Paint a House?

It’s getting nervous up in here. I love to make decisions for other people, but when it comes to myself I will waffle endlessly if given the chance. So, on one hand it’s probably a good thing that the baby is theoretically coming in four months. On the other hand, I’m starting to panic that we’re going to end up with a patchwork quilt of insanity because I have to make too many choices too quickly.

Mostly I’m freaking about all the colors I’m slathering all over the walls. Teal, coral, peach, navy, oh probably some green while I’m at it… how many colors can one house reasonably (gracefully) hold?

I’m kind of a colorphobe. My downstairs closet is full of gray and black and navy. But my secret upstairs closet (the going out closet) is full of orange and pink and gold and turquoise and acid green. It seems that I almost always chicken out at the 11th hour when deciding if I should slip into something more colorful — I pretty much have to be hitting the bars at midnight to fluff my peacock feathers.

But I know that while there’s definitely an allure to cool and aloof, everyone wants to party with the crazy girl in color.

Am I right?

Still, I don’t want to go berserk in here. Crazy should not equal slutty. I just don’t think I’d be comfortable most of the time dealing with that much stimulation… from color. Duh.

I will admit to loving just a restrained shot of color — that perfect foil for an otherwise neutral and serene palette.

But I don’t know… once I get going I kind of can’t stop myself.

luxe interiors

And then things get interesting.

I’d like to know what you think about “the rules” regarding color in decor. How many colors can you balance in one room? Three? Five? Infinity?

What about in a whole house?

I mean, we’re definitely going beyond light beige, medium beige, and dark beige here.

But can every room be a different color?

Please discuss.

[Pinterest, Porter wallpapers/fabrics, AD, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Pinterest, World of Interiors, Luxe Interiors]

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I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

 Some of you may call it orange. Some may call it red. I’m calling it rust — still the object of my lust.

Happy weekend, blog buddies. Thank bejeebus, it’s going to be a long one.

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Lusty Rusty

When I was a kid, my mom decorated with the holy trifecta of rust, pale green and gold. I was fairly annoyed that these colors did not coordinate with my pink and purple Duran Duran posters, nor did they properly accent my door sized blow up of George Michael looking all careless and whispery (this would not be the last time my gaydar failed me… thanks a lot, raging hormones). Anyway, I kind of hated the endless seas of rust carpet. I hated my rust floral wallpaper. I hated rust.

But you know what — something is happening to me. Perhaps my taste in color has matured, much like my taste in music and men. Perhaps I actually like rust.

rust elle decor

It’s like my mom decorated this room, minus the requisite momtastic damask.

Oh yes. Rusty red + inky teal + pale purple. Did I just type those words together?

rust rug

At Anthropologie here.

At Overstock here (don’t let the styling burn your retinas).

You know you like it.

[Elle Decor, AD Russia]

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Colors are Pretty

Y’all, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. In the last week I have stopped and started posts on art, posts on architecture, and a GIANT post on couches (which I will finish, and it will change the face of the earth — trust). But every time I near completion, I just get glazy eyed and tired and bored with myself. Summer has reduced me into a sensory cellular mass, an oozing ball of goo goo ga ga, “look I see pretty colors.” Pathetic. But I’m rolling with it.

My new summer place. You know they serve Pimm’s Cups with a splash of sassy there.

colorful glass

I am always a sucker for vintage glass wares.

kay douglas

Words cannot express my utter and complete obsession with this lake house.

colorful bedroom

Don’t forget to look at the curtains…

bright painting

I am very interested in that tray table and patterned book. Can you tell I’ve been trained to look at the corners of images?

I’m sorry my summer brain is not capable of anything witty or pithy or even grammatically correct. I can feel your laser like disappointment searing my already guilty conscience. Please don’t beat me.

I promise next week will be better. I think.

[AD Russia, Elle France, Kay Douglas via MFAMB, Interior Design, via The Zhush]

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