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Superflossy Superfly Supergraphic

I’m taking a breather from publicly flipping out over the house hunt today, but that doesn’t mean I’m not feverishly searching for inspiration just in case we do sign on the dotted line. It’s a safe bet that whatever we buy will need renovation. Most houses we like were built in the 70s and have remained in museum like condition — carpet, faux wood paneling, and drop down ceilings included. I found this sweet little apartment in AD and first glommed on to the walls, then moved on to the floors.

It would be really helpful if I read cyrillic so I could tell you who is responsible for this hottie, but I’m a romance language only kind of a girl. When I see all those squiggly lines, I just want to bust out my calculator and solve for X.

Damn you, American language skills! Who are you people? In completely unrelated news, I think I spy her underpants. Ok, enough with the non sequiturs. Back to the apartment.

Check out those floors! They look like cerused oak, but I’m guessing not since ceruse is apparently some kind of toxic lead based chemical. A two step stain and wax, maybe? Whatever the case, I adore them. Dark and sexy, but not overpowering. Plus I think they would hide dust fairly well. Bonus!

Those chairs… sucker punch to the love gut. I also like how there’s no molding in the space — everything is super crisp and clean, and the paint heightens the arty architectural feel. The floor provides the perfect textural foil.

So good. The color palette is uber unique.

Sorry this picture is wee (and that there’s a weird cutoff letter at the bottom of the frame), but check out the spacey bathroom. So awesome.

What do you think about the floors? Do you think an ordinary house could handle this kind of wall treatment? Do you think you could be comfortable in a space like this?

Why isn’t this place for sale?

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Real Estate OCD: Awesome In Austin Under 300K

I just spent the entire Labor Day weekend looking at homes with my inlaws, who are considering a move to Austin. While they were pretty glazed over by the end of our shopping whirlwind, I was totally keyed up, because I am crazy obsessed with real estate — like I tour houses in my sleep. Including houses I’ve looked at for myself, friends, family, and potential investment, I’ve probably been in hundreds of houses in Austin, so I thought maybe I’d start a little feature on Austin real estate.

Today’s home comes in at $295,000, and whether you think that is expensive or cheap probably depends on where you live now. For Austin, that’s about 100k above the median home price, but I’m just going to go ahead and say that it’s worth every penny.

The Clause Residence was designed in 1979 and features just over 2000 glorious sq ft of Memphis inspired deliciousness. I want to hole up and marathon watch Miami Vice (the original) up in here.

Since you know that the hubs, Ike, and I, are currently house shopping, you may be wondering why the bleep I haven’t already signed the papers on this piece of design history. I mean, never mind the fact that it only has two bedrooms — Ike and our future progeny can just bunk up, right?

Dudes, this house is so far from town, we may as well move to Waco.

Sadly, I was not able to tour this baby in person because it would have been an all day event, but I just know that it’s every bit as awesome as the pictures, and probably way more. I really hope there is somewhere out there that buy this house and do it up righteous, and then they better invite me over for a pool party. You know… as a finder’s fee.

Check out the MLS listing and more pics here.

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Primary Colors

About a year ago, I went on a strict color diet of black, brown and pale gray, with a smattering of gold to add some pizazzle dazzle. I have to say this house was looking pretty svelte until Ike came along. Now it’s been fattened up by red, yellow and blue plastic, and I swear the living room alone has gained 20 pounds. Apparently babies aren’t really into drabby neutrals. Who knew? Thankfully the decorating world now says, Hey — it’s ok to binge on primary colors.

maison francaise

Maison Francaise

And guess what? You don’t even have to resort to building your home out of kiddie colored Legos to get the look (because if that were the case, I’d already be 50 steps ahead). Remember the slew of Roy Lichtenstein inspired interiors I presented for your consideration? Well, now get ready for a burst of Bauhaus brights.

richard powers

Richard Powers

marie claire italia

Marie Claire Italia

Those crazy Bauhaus dudes were all about form, function, and screaming color — but no fussy, frilly pants color shall be allowed. Green is about as crazy as party animals Gropius, Van der Rohe and Corbusier, were willing to get, because it’s all about heading back to basics. So sit back, strap up, and put your goggles on. We’re going on a grand tour.

met home

Met Home

m design interiors

M Design Interiors

apartment therapy

A Mondrian inspired kitchen from Apartment Therapy

met home

Met Home

ngoc minh ngo

Ngoc Minh Ngo



elle decor

Elle Decor

steve giralt

Steve Giralt


No source, but check out that Arteluce lamp.

new york times marina

New York Times

m design interiors

M Design Interiors

Well, dudes? What do you think? Are you ready to inject some hot primary color into your home? Just be careful, because Danger! It’s ok to be bold, but with such strong colors, it’s all too easy to go overboard. Like, way overboard. Simple shapes and small doses are the best bet for keeping your visual weight under control.

mondrian overload

Don’t be a color glutton.

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Rip Van Winkle

Every year I start off with a new laundry list of resolutions — eat better, exercise (ha!), make stuff, be cooler — but this year there’s only one resolution that really matters: LEAVE THE HOUSE. Yes friends, I am finally out of the Guantanamo Bay stage of parenthood and IT’S AWESOME. Baby Ike is now magically entertained by salt shakers and menus, and wouldn’t you know that mama’s boy loves a good bargain. Whew! Thank jeebus he takes after me and not his thriftphobic daddy, because then I’d have to check the return policy on both of them.

So, Karly and I took the Ikester out on thrift rounds recently, and I managed to score some great finds with my lucky charm in tow. In the spirit of my house sharing resolution, I snapped some pics so you could bask in the glory of my goodies, as well as in my delicious new freedom.

thrift plant stand

I almost had to scrap with some chick over my excellent new plant stand, which came from the Salvation Army for $25. Kinda steep, but it’s heavy and has a mirrored bottom, and the middle thingie moves. Plus someone else wanted it, so of course that made me like it even more. But it does look pretty smooth with my new tulip chair, which is in dire need of a cushion. One day at a time…

plates lichtenstein

I totally had the Lichtenstein post in mind when I picked up this set of dishes, although Karly says they look like a Bill Cosby sweater… we can both be right, can’t we? $30 for the entire set, although I need more bowls. I found some replacements online, but two bowls cost as much as I paid for the entire set. Uh, no.

lichtenstein hostel

A closeup of the totally tubular 80s graphics. The Hunny stacked them all OCD like. I’m planning to display these babies on our newly installed kitchen shelves, which I was far too lazy to photograph today. What do you people expect??? I can’t shop, and take pictures, AND clean. Priorities, priorities.

sweden teapot vintage

I snagged this vintage teapot for $1.99. It’s marked Made in Sweden, which probably means it’s from Ikea. Still, he is very handsome, no?

ike's room

Ike picked out a few things for his room, too, like this Red Cross lightbox for $4.99, which is brand spankin’ new. The hot gold lion came from Zid Zid, courtesy of Raina; Ike can look, but he can’t touch mama’s favorite stuffed animal. You can blame Karly for the boa constricted nightmare clown.

ike's room

You can also blame Karly for spotting this badass giraffe head, a steal for only $4.99. Say what?! Yeah. It’s HUGE.


Speaking of huge, these roided out lamps make Lou Ferigno look positively diminutive. I’m planning to give them a fresh coat of white paint from tip to toe, and top them with black shades for my new Bauhaus bedroom. Hopefully my nightstands won’t buckle beneath them.

I scored some other sweet stuff, like a giant vintage painting and a ginormous mirrored picture frame (apparently I have contracted a severe case of megalomania), but I haven’t found a home for them yet — by which I mean they’re still stacked in the entryway. The Hunny is not excited that I’m back to shopping, not that I’m going to let it stop me from adding to the piles of unused lamps, chairs and frames I’m “collecting.”

Doesn’t he realize that I have six months of thrifting to catch up on?

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Design Crisis Recommends

Now that you’ve undoubtedly wrapped up all your holiday shopping thanks to the gift guide Erin and I lovingly crafted last week, I think you’ve earned a little you time.  Forget the malls, holiday cookies and oh my god please don’t think about swapping another white elephant.  You need to decompress!  We here at design crisis have pulled together a couple non-holiday adventures that are sure to give you the mental make over you need.

First up:

Bauhaus 1919 – 1933: Workshops for Modernity at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY.  Admittedly, I’ve been a little obsessed with the Bauhaus lately, I’m not sure if I’ve been dialing into a social subconscious that’s already decided this for me or if my interest is a strange coincidence but either way, I’d gladly consider donating my right left arm to go check out this show.

Already receiving rave reviews for the breath of work included, the MoMa, which itself is a nod to the Bauhaus movement, is exhibiting works that came out of the Bauhaus before it’s fall to Nazi Germany.  The works are carefully arranged alongside historical documentation via photos, letters and films from the school, leading the viewer through an all encompassing journey of, what would become, the most powerful influence on modern design.  If you’re within a 100 mile radius of Manhattan go to it and come back to me with a full play-by-play report.

If you’re not in the New York area and don’t have 24-hour access to a charter jet (great holiday gift idea, btw!) might I suggest the documentary Beautiful Losers.  Featuring such art and design heavy weights as Geoff McFetridge, Barry McGee, Harmony Korine, Shepard Fairey and the adorably crush-worthy Mike Mills, Beautiful Losers traces the lives of 14 artists as they collectively, and almost accidentally, re-defined the New York art scene (and modern art as we know it) in the early 90’s.  Completely unpretentious and accessible, the documentary humanizes each artist while totally and completely inspiring it’s viewers.

Here’s the trailer if you don’t believe me:

Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

I caught this on Netflix on demand this weekend whilst nursing a hangover with my sure-fire hangover cure trifecta:  scrambled eggs, V8 and marathon documentaries.  I give the combo 5 stars.

Some other random recommendations for your enjoyment, in no particular order:

Book: Creative Space: Urban Homes of ARtisits and Innovators.  I received this as a gift from a most lovely house guest recently.  It is now completely defiled and covered in my drool.

TV: Ninja Warrior.  Everything you could ever want in a television show and more.  The new season is starting soon and I can barely contain myself

Music:  The new phoenix album is fantastic.  So what if one of the songs is on a car commercial?  As the lovely Geoff McFetridge points out in Beautiful Losers, the only difference between fine art and commercial art is intent.

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