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Golden Globes

Update!  I am still totally in love with gold!  I thought that maybe I was leaving my go-to-gold-and-gray color palette for my new lover chrome-and-camel, and, don’t get me wrong, C & C is totally my boyfriend on the side but Gold remains my long term love.  We’re soul cell mates as my husband likes to say.  How was my burning desire for gold rekindled you ask?  I’m pretty sure it was the exact second I saw this puppy:

What is wrong with this picture?  Yeah, that’s right:  Nothing.  This example of walking / talking perfection comes from the design duo meier / ferrer

While this is most certainly enough to rekindle a waning romance, I knew my love was never really gone since I can’t seem to get this light out of my head:

The Sciolari ceiling light in Kelly Wearstler’s own home is nothing short of amazeballz.  I have a few personal spaces I’m working on right now and I want this light for all of them.

I will also be willing to settle for this gold gem.   (BTW thank you Andrea for the find!)

Although I think I’m going to have to forego the $4500 light and spring for something more like this.  It’s gold, I’ll be fine.

Oh!   I’ll especially be fine if it looks like this.  See, I really just will never get over gold.  And it is with every fiber of my being that I say: Yes, I absolutely would 100% live here:

Yep.  All over it.

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Tigers in Your Face

Last week after I posted the magical Diane Von Furstenberg leopard rug kt left a comment with a link to her dreamy tiger rug:

When she said it was in her nursery, I was pretty jealz, but when she said it was only $200 I went into full-blown freak out mode.  I couldn’t believe that I had just finished my own tiger-friendly nursery and never knew that ebay held such cheap tigerly riches.  Of course, I raced right over.

What I found was nothing short of magical:

Ok, so I know many of you don’t share my affinity for tacky animal decor but just amuse me for a day.  I mean, really, you may not want this in your house but you can not deny the awesome power of this white tiger astral area rug.  Holy fuck, it rulz.

Are you feelin it?  Well then go on with your bad self and spend the $63.20 to make this 5′ x 8′ rug yours.  YES, SIXTY THREE DOLLARS FOR AN 8 FOOT RUG.  I’m sure it’s 100% flammable, but it’s also 1,000% awesome.   Original link here, but if it’s expired, just search “black midnight tiger rug.”  You’re welcome.

Here’s more:

Jungle African Queen Area Rug

4′ x 6′ = $24.99

If you dudes aren’t peeing yourselves yet, well then I just don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Tiger Family Border Rug

4 x 6 = $24.99

Personally, I think the border cheapens it.

Double Tiger African Area Rug

5 x 8 = $63.20

You can’t make this shit up

Lion and Male Tiger African Animal Rug

5 x 7 = $7.51


Oh, did you want something with “class” ok, well, I also found some rugs similar to the ones in kt’s nursery:

Tibetan Tiger Rug

58″ x 32″ = $295

Tibetan Skin Tiger Rug

2 x 3 = $169

Surprisingly, the tiger rug options are endless, I strongly suggest some downtime with a nice “tiger rug” ebay search.  Until tomorrow: Rawr!!!

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hey Dudes, I’m running late for a flight so I have to bid you adieu for a few days with little more than a reminder of what some planes look like sometimes:

But none to worry, Erin will be here tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday we have an extra special magical guest post, so you should only be crying tears of joy.

PS for more info on the 3′ plane made of used keys, go here.

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Baby’s First Clustered Art Wall

As you can imagine, the largest decor undertaking in my house right now is la bambino’s room.  In fact, I was more stressed about how to decorate it then I was about whether he’d be a boy or a girl (I figured I had no control over that).  Over the last few months I’ve already picked up quite a few prints that will eventually form the little dude’s first cluster art wall.  Don’t you just think he’s going to be so excited to come home to all this:

Since he’s going to be born in the year of the tiger (as was his father, uncle, grandfather, great grandfather and great grandmother) I thought we should pay homage with a few pieces of tiger art.  Note: THIS ROOM IS NOT TIGER THEMED, just tiger friendly.  This print, rock candy, was found by Erin and purchased by me in approximately 2.2 seconds.

Continuing the tiger non-theme I also grabbed this year of the tiger print from the same shop.

And finally, I picked up Tiger Phone from the Two Rabbits Studios booth at the Renegade Craft Fair.

In fact, all the remaining prints were picked up at renegade.  If you have one happening in your area, I highly suggest you go.

Because I am having a wee little baby, I thought I should get a few little-kid friendly prints too.  Not just a bunch of insane tigers.  I grabbed this beep beep bike print from Tad Carpenter.

This 2-part pink monster is also by Tad Carpenter, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on his site and I think he’s sold out.

And because I bought so much at his booth, Tad threw this tiny bird print in for zero dollars.  Thanks, Tad!

Having stocked up on some baby goodies, I felt like I could return to my crazy art comfort zone.  I bought this Will Bryant print at the Public School booth.

And finally, because babies go goo goo ga ga over black and white prints, stimulating their little brains straight into mensa, I picked up this crazy eye print for the little dude.

Don’t be scared if you feel like some of these don’t go together, remember we have several walls to work with here.  Anything that doesn’t make the baby’s room cut will land in my office, but overall I’m feeling good.  I think he’s just going to swoon when he comes home!

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