Real Estate OCD: LA in Austin Under 300K

Sorry to inflict more real estate drama on you, but that’s just how I roll these days. Other people have Real Housewives of Whogivesabooger (no offense to watchers of said programs), and I have real estate porn. I feel good about the arrangement. Anyhoo, you dudes are going to pee in your pants when you see this place. I opened the little gateway thingamajig my fancy realtor sent me and nearly passed out from the goodness. It may be true that if you’re Richie F. Rich then better homes can be found, but better homes for 300K? I don’t think so. Behold.

That’s right. It’s 2300 sq ft of glass and marble. And it’s not mine. Ugh. The neighborhood is all wrong for us, but guess what? Next best thing — The Inlaws bought it!

I am so going to be hot tubbing it up this summer… while The Inlaws are babysitting Ike, natch. They may not be fully aware of this arrangement yet, so let’s keep it on the DL.

Did you see the pool? Did you see the windows? Did you see all the palms swaying ever so gently in the wind, whispering, Erin…. have another margarita? I want to swim here more than CBS wants Charlie Sheen back. The rest of the place ain’t too shabby, either.

There is a sure enough koi pond in the atrium next to the dining room.

Clerestory windows out the ass.

The master bedroom means bizness time.

Hot diggity dog, this place is insane but it needs paint and a kitchen reno for real. I have some ideas for its transformation, but I may be calling in the troops (that would be ya’lluns) for help as the situation unfolds. Excitement!

Know what else is sure to send you into atrial fibrillation?

Karly is coming back tomorrow.