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What’s Happening Now

Hi, how was your weekend? Mine was one of those bust-your-ass-but-accomplish-very-little affairs. At least, that’s how me and my sore tailbone are feeling this morning (wtf, pregnant ladies?! what is happening to my coccyx?). Sucks to have so much to do and to be so impaired lazy. I did manage to squeeze in two chocolate covered donuts… yay for me!

So, what’s really going on at Casa Erin? Let’s discuss some life decisions I’ve come up with (thanks to Karly and Naomi for listening to my whiny pleas for advice).

#1. Wallpaper has been selected.

Pheasant in Coral will go in the upstairs hallway, Neisha Crosland’s Zebra will go in the entry, and Pines by Little Greene will go in the powder room. It was really tough to decide where these should go architecturally speaking — e.g., which rooms should be dark or light, what needs small scale or large, what colors will the rooms adjacent to the papered rooms be painted, etc. So I’m very excited to have a (tentative) decision.

#2. The front room will now be a play room instead of an office.

We’re going to squeeze the office into the guest bedroom, and I’m pretty stoked that we don’t have to put doors on this room anymore. Yipppeeeeee! I’m STILL trying to sell the coffee table, the shelves will get painted, art has been moved, sconces may be installed, leopard rug will make an appearance, and on the opposing wall I think I’m going to buy a vintage deco armoire to house all the toys. Like so:

Or something like this. These come up on craigslist all the time for dirt cheap.

#3. With Sanders‘ help, I am close to deciding on paint colors for most of the rooms in my house.

MOST. Not all. Ike’s room is mostly nailed down, I’m very close on baby room, I have a good start for the bedroom, and maybe I have an idea for the dinette… oh, the dinette.

#4. We sold our good old table (to a blog reader who recognized our house on craigslist!!!) because it was way too big for our new house, and then bought another… ok table.

First, let’s say goodbye to old table. She was a beauty.

Oh, table. I loved you so much. But she’s gone, (she’s gone) oh I’d pay the devil to replace her…

She’s gone.

Thank you, Hall and Oates, for providing the soundtrack to my misery.

And now, drumroll please:

Someone kill me.

We will discuss this horror story in full tomorrow, but I just don’t have the energy right now.

In fact, I think I may need another donut just so I can survive today.

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PSA: Pheasant by Twigs Wallpaper, All Colorways Pictured

Remember this wallpaper?

It’s the lusciously lickable, preppily psychedelic Pheasant by Twigs wallpaper that I was talking up last week.

In the interest of continuing theme Wallpaper Week, I started to shoot my sample collection in our hallway for your viewing pleasure… but then I went and ordered yet ANOTHER sample that I feel I simply must wait upon before asking your opinion.

I am going open a crazy lady wallpaper sample shop when all this is said and done — the kind of shop with dusty lampshades and random cats patrolling pee stained darkened corners. In other words, I have a problem.

While I sort out my OCD issues, I decided to shoot and post all the colorways for Pheasant because they aren’t available anywhere online. I tried my hardest to standardize the colors and density, so I think the pictures are fairly accurate. This may not be the most exciting post, but hopefully it will be useful to someone out in the world.

pheasant blue


brown pheasant


pheasant gold


pheasant gray


pheasant malachite


pheasant marine


pheasant orange


pheasant peach


pheasant red


pheasant rust


If you like, call the nice folks at Twigs and order some samples for free. Rolls are 100% gorgeously hand printed (from a 1980s pattern!), so you have to trim the selvedge yourself…

Cold sweat, people. That’s scary stuff.

But worth it — this paper is deluxe.

Also it reminds me of the time I “got drunk” and went to the renaissance faire to watch weird people make marbelized paper.

That alone puts it in front runner status, right?

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Kelly Wearstler + de Gournay = Wallgasm

Friends, I have about 3.2 second to write this post before all hell breaks loose, by which I mean that I will have to read Dogzilla 800 times and constantly assure Ike that we are not hiding a bagful of brand new toys from him (except that we are… he will get them next week on the plane).

Don’t worry — I’m not so unkind as to hide this shiny new toy from you. To continue our theme of Wallpaper Week, please see the following and try not to pee your pants with excitement:

Kelly Wearstler for de Gournay wallpaper.

I have plans to rob a bank during Ike’s nap this afternoon, but shhhh don’t tell anyone.

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Wallpaper Week!

I need a rudder to steer me through the coming week of energetic Ike plus no school, no grandparents, and bedrest — it’s going to be a long one. What better distraction than wallpaper? And of course it doesn’t hurt that I’ve become something of an amateur expert (not a pardox, I swear) on the subject via long hours of obsessively trolling the internet in search of “The One.” We’ll discuss that very important matter later on in Wallpaper Week, but for today let’s talk House of Hackney.

They had me at the mirror image adverts, but I like the crazy romance of the patterns, too. Wild Card is a fabulous interpretation of Madame Castaing’s famous leopard prints, Dalton Rose has an ombre bottom, and Empire is cheeky good fun.

Wild Card

Dalton Rose Ombre

Empire Stripe

Flights of Fancy

Queen Bee

I’m a little smitten with the Empire prints for a mini gentleman’s room. I would probably only do it on on one wall and frame it out with molding, then paint coordinating color on the other walls — because that’s a lot of look.

Any favorites? That leopard print is sure to make an appearance in someone’s powder room, right?

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If it Weren’t Friday I Might Murder Myself

After a relatively upbeat week I am heading into the weekend as a major grumpasaurus. Why, you ask? (Or maybe you didn’t ask, but since I have control of this here convo I’ma gonna tell you.) It’s because I went to the doctor yesterday expecting better news regarding my dumb pregnant problems, and instead they are worse. I am working really hard to be angry because anger trumps the wimpy weepies every day, and it is working. Sorry that you all should feel the flinty edge of my wrath — you really don’t deserve it. And we’d all been having so much fun lately.

So never mind bad things and let’s take a quick look at entry hall ideas instead.

I could spend eternity attempting to transform our rather modest foyer into something as grandly delectable as this one, designed by Isabel Lopez Quesada. But good architecture is a lot like cheekbones: either you have it or you don’t. And those of us that don’t must resort to seedier means of coquetry, namely makeup.

In decorating terms we’re talking wallpaper and paint and fabulous objects, and if anyone knows anything about dressing up a space, it’s Tony Duquette’s ex partner Hutton Wilkinson.

Our entry definitely falls into the “needs more makeup STAT” category. In the interest of moving that along, you may recall that I’ve been painstakingly collecting enough wallpaper samples to paper every house in the neighborhood, but I think I’ve finally narrowed my choices down significantly. I’ve yet to photograph the samples in situ, but here’s a hint about one of them:

I called the nice folks at Twigs and they were kind enough to send me a sample in every colorway of their Pheasant wallpaper. It is bananas, people. INSANE. Maybe too insane. I don’t know.

We’ll talk about it next week. Until then, I hope you have a lovely weekend filled with donuts and down pillows… or whatever it is you’re lusting after. Being pregnant does weird things to you.

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