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Beds — Not Just For Night Night Time

I’m sorry that I’ve been kind of losery up in here — someone obviously forgot to drink their tiger blood — but you guys gotta cut me some slack (please). My mind is so feverishly feeble that I need a cane just to get to the other side of a sentence. Thank goodness Karly will be here tomorrow to rescue me, but until then you can watch me limp through this post like a broken gazelle. Don’t sick the hyenas on me just yet; I do at least have a few pretty pictures for you. Of beds. That I would like to lounge on. During the day.

They’re called daybeds.

Karly has one and now I want one, too… not that I could squeeze another single stick of furniture into this house. But as I’ve laid propped up on the couch for hours at a time, snotty toddler wheezing at my chest, watching Coraline and Nightmare Before Christmas (Ike has interesting taste) play like a stop action mobius strip across our tv, I’ve really found myself wishing we had a bed in the living room.

A daybed might be a little less squicky, right?

[Lonny, Marie Claire Maison]

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I’m Riding the Thrift Train to Flossytown

Last week I flipped the thrift switch, and now I’m an unstoppable bargain buying machine. Vintage ikat and paisley tablecloths, overgrown 70’s floral needlepoints, a crazy musical cakeplate, and 5000 ceramic pieces later, I show no signs of slowing down — which is handy since Round Top is tomorrow. (Will Karly buy another coffee table, or won’t she? Tune in next week to find out…) My latest find has left me with a bit of buyer’s remorse, not unlike the time I bought this.

Let’s see what y’all think of my latest purchase:

A vintage Milo Baughman brass based barrel chair in lipstick red. Homegirl still has her Thayer Coggin manufacturer labels intact. And she swivels and rocks. Tease.

But what the hell am I going to do with this thing? Although I love the color — despite pledging my allegiance to the black and white stars and stripes forever — the upholstery has seen better days and probably needs to be redone. And wouldn’t it look amazing in this?

But since this fabric is $150/yd, I’m thinking no. Dammit.

Of course what I really wish I could do is upholster it in a vintage Jack Lenor Larsen fabric.

Did I say I was afraid of color? Well, If someone gave me a bolt of Larsen fabric, I wouldn’t bat a lash — I swear I would redecorate my entire house around one of his crazy psychedelic prints.

But back to the real world, and the most pressing question: do I keep this chair for which I have no available space and no real need, this chair which needs a $400-500 upholstery job, or do I sell it and make a little cash for… more thrift purchases (duh).

Sleepy eyes sure likes it.

In fact, since I brought little miss hot stuff home, Ike and the cat have fought for space on her bountiful seat — sometimes to deleterious effect. Ike and the chair are a little worse for wear. The cat, however, is doing just fine.

Keep or sell, people? Help me out.

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Mini Quandary — Patterned Sofas, Yes or No?

I’ve kind of always wanted a crazy, patterned couch in colors that would make grandma blush. But would today’s favored pattern become tomorrow’s mauve and teal flamestitch? Oh wait… that’s coming back, right?

Hot damn, not bad. I think I’d even like it in teal.

Anyway, what do we think? Balls out, all over upholstery, like only Miles Redd can bring it:

Or could we cheat a bit and maybe just tuck a blanket into the seat cushion to create some interest:

Can I tell you how much I love everything in this picture? Love. This is my Acid Wasp wet dream.

I may or may not be obsessed with contrasting patterns. Am I? Do you feel the need to save me from myself, or to egg me on?

So is the blanket thing too messy? Or is it ever worth the splurge to just upholster the whole couch in a pattern? I’m a little scared things could veer into Buatta territory. And expensive, I-redecorate-every-five-minutes territory. Still, wouldn’t it be fun to do it up righteous?

Can you tell I’m super sick of having leather couches???

Happy Monday, folks. It’s going to be a good week. Or else.

[1st Dibs, House Beautiful via, AD, Lonny]

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String Theory

You know what I’ve been loving lately? Fringe. That’s right. I said it. Now I know y’all are probably thinking: what’s gotten into you, Erin? First you’re asking us to approve of shabby slipcovers, now this? Are you turning into a musty old cat lady who sleeps on a stack of newspapers you’ve been collecting since that nice man Roosevelt was in office?

While it is true that I find the twin odors of mothballs and urine particularly appealing, I assure you that I am still young and hip. I mean, did you see the Black Eyes Peas at the Superbowl? AWESOME. But I digress.

BOOM. How do you like me now, whippersnappers? Every single thing in this room by Pamplemousse Design is the MF bizness.

Remember the unimpeachably chic home of Marie Olsson Nylander? That’s where this lovely resides.

Oh yeah. You know you want a huge fringed chandelier in a light bright shade of red. Special bonus: that sucker would make a fantastic cat toy.

Sure, according to Encyclopedia Raina this room is from 1992, but just because I love it doesn’t make me old. Right??? It’s got squiggly lines, for Pete’s sake.

Ok, we are headed down the primrose path of waspville here, but Tory Burch does have a pretty green velvet couch with gold fringe that reminds me very much of a couch my mom had. Of course, my mom’s couch started out as a white sectional (please see yesterday’s post about the perils of white couches and children), but then she recovered it in green and gold damask with gold fringe all up in that joint. My mom also used to pick me up from school in a topless Jeep (when I was hoping for a minivan mom), and she wore flashdance sweatshirts with bare shoulders. So, now you get that fringe is not for old boring people, right? I’m sure my story made that crystal clear.

This is just a bonus picture from Richard Powers that will allow me to sing:

All the world will fly in a flurry
When I take you out in the surrey,
When I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top!

The lyrics may come from a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, but that doesn’t make me old at all.

Does it?

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Black Sheep

As the proud parent of a very energetic toddler, I can say there are a few things I will never own: 1) a white sofa 2) a fabric sofa 3) another chesterfield sofa (you would not believe what secrets those button tufts can hide). I know a lot of people have their little munchkins trained to eat in (gasp) the kitchen or dining areas, which is right and good since that’s where food should live. And it’s not that I am trying to raise a wild animal, it’s just that life happens. Well, that and I have a hard time standing over an 18 month old in the kitchen, watching him take his sweet time (like, at least an hour) futzing with four squares of PB&J.

On the other hand, could this be the solution to all my problems?

Are you guys sick of all the Belgian linen slipcovers yet? I have to say I kind of love the romance of it all. Of course, you could throw a burning pile of poop in the middle of this gorgeous room and it would still look fabulous. But would this super soft look work in a more casual space or just come off as sloppy?

I do generally prefer a more tailored look for a sofa. I’m all for comfort, but I’m also a little concerned that the super flowy white slipcovers look like Aunt Martha just closed up her Hamptons home for the winter.

Now this looks kidproof. Black covers, they never get dirty — the longer you use them the blacker they get.

I kind of always thought I wanted a white sofa, but I find this refreshingly different and super easy to pull off. Just think — that fabric could be anything. Something that matches jelly would be preferable.

Happy Monday, dudes. I have a craaaaaaaaaazy busy week coming up, but Ima do my best to shower you with blog love. Maybe even every inch of my love.

[Marie Claire Maison and MR Architecture]

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