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In Which I Humiliate Myself, AKA Video of My Nursery Tour on House Proud

You know how sometimes you see pictures of yourself, or hear recordings of your voice, or — you know — see yourself on tv, and wonder how the pod people managed to take over while you were sleeping?

You know?


I suspect my parents will be confused when they discover I have transitioned from born and raised in east Texas to Jessica from Sweet Valley High (don’t judge). Or maybe I always sound like that?! Either way, I need some elocution lessons.

Thankfully Luke is adorable and precious and pretty much steals the show. Plus Amy Hadley is utterly charming! If you live in Austin the segment will be airing on YNN today.

Enjoy the video and try not to hurl tomatoes at your screen.

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Hot News

Wow. Summer is really slapping down my blogging mojo. I just can’t bring myself to recount the long days spent wiping baby butts, fighting toddler tantrums and wilting in the triple digit heat, even though I know you’re dying for every glamorous detail.

But I guess I do have, oh… a few little things going on. Things like this:

amy hadley ynn

If you squint your eyes you can see that’s my living room with YNN tv anchor Amy Hadley standing smack dab in the middle of it. That’s because she’s running a new home and garden television series called House Proud and our humble home is going to be featured.


The promo started running on Time Warner Austin last Saturday, and Amy and her crew will be coming back next week to tape segments in the teal room and Luke’s nursery.

And to interview me.

I would be cold sweat chills cramps nervous all day and night if Amy weren’t so laid back and adorable. Just look at that cute face:

ynn tv decorating

I know, I know. It’s blurry. I have a master’s degree in photography but I can’t seem to take a single clear picture with my freaking camera phone.


That hashtag says I was totally pressured into joining Instagram, so you can catch the breaking news in all its blurry glory right here.

I’m planning to blog more behind the scenes action as it unfolds, and perhaps between now and then I will learn something about photography. Taking pictures without a screaming kicking baby in my arms should help.

Don’t worry, you will hear a lot more about my newfound fame and fortune. Probably you will hate me before the show even airs.

Some non sequitur housekeeping:

Pinterest has eaten all the pictures from a year’s worth of previous posts and I can’t figure out how to restore them… I can’t even figure out what the pictures were to begin with. It’s really awesome. I’m slowly re uploading broken links, but in the meantime I do apologize for the ugly old posts.

Also, I am revamping the back end of the blog and you may find that my permalinks have changed or that stuff has disappeared or that generally Design Crisis is heading down the slippery slope of neglect and ruin.

Rest assured everything will be shiny and newly ergonomic very soon. Or at least soonish.

And finally, I have gone a little berserk in the shopping department.

italian modern marbleKeep checking back for updates. Sooner or later these kids have to nap so I can blog, right?


Later, taters. Don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen.

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Some Things That Have Been Happening: A Crappy Phone Picture Story

Hi guys. I started writing another monster post on buying rugs but then I got overwhelmed and more than a little worried I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. When I began studying maps of the Middle East and researching the major rug weaving cities of Iran I realized I may have bitten off more than I could chew right now. I’m just a little OCD like that. I’ll get around to it soonish but I need to let things incubate for a while. In the meantime, I highly recommend this article on buying rugs.

Also, I am super busy because my kids have succumbed to cold #857 this year. Both are encrusted with all manner of viscous fluids and it’s a full time job keeping that bizness off my new rug.

It’s much prettier (darker and less contrasty) in person but I’m already stressing about how overwhelming it is in its new space. I foresee a major rug and furniture rearranging party on the horizon.

 Lest you think me a heartless bastard who only cares about my furnishings, here are my cute little people. It’s good that they are cute because they destroy everything I own.

Which is why my fabulous Jenny Andrews Anderson painting is still safely rolled up and not actually lying about on the floor like this. I can’t wait to get it stretched and hung over my fireplace because it is HUGE and I love it.

Speaking of art, I’m selling this large (4 ft) 70s abstract painting. Austinites, email me if you’re interested.

Still speaking of art, I’m slightly obsessed with this amazing gouache painting I didn’t buy. Why didn’t I buy this? Oh yeah — because I already spent all my fun money on art and rugs.

Strict budgeting is largely sponsored by the impending (soon? I hope?) kitchen redo we’re saving for. I’ve been to see Sanders for paint help and I think I’ve narrowed the cabinet colors down to three choices. We shall discuss this ad nauseum later, but for now just know that babies love Sanders.

erin williamson

Last but not least, I got new business cards! Bryan Keplesky designed the logos and Karly Hand designed the cards. I think they’re kind of President of the Illuminati awesome.

Publicly launching ones photography and decorating career at the end of a series of crappy phone pictures is undoubtedly a smooth move. Please do see my photo site here and my latest house tours here and here if you’re interested in hiring me to work for you.

You know where to find me.

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Wow… I didn’t expect the Blue vote to be so unanimous! Seems you guys feel the best is yet to come for the nursery. However, Mazey is pretty surprised the race wasn’t tighter and isn’t quite ready to concede the election. Meanwhile Frenchie doesn’t give a shit because he just wants to smoke some pot and marry another Frenchie.

What? I’m only talking bout rugs, y’all.

Seriously, thanks for voting. For everything. For important stuff.

 Please keep me on your reader because I have lots of updates to share, including the new rug in situ (which will it be?!), and a MEGA CRAZY purchase that could be fabulous but might be 100% fail… Also I have gone on a pillow binge that shows no signs of stopping.

Oh yes I did.

And finally the hall wallpaper should be up soon…

Hooray me! Obviously I am the winnah here.

Later, taters. It was so awesome to hang out again!!!

See you soon.

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Push the Little Baby and Make it Come Out

Sorry for kind of dropping off the face of the earth for a while, but if you haven’t already figured it out, I had a baby. This post is going to be a bit wordy, so feel free to skip to the pictures if you want. They are pretty cute. Can’t say that I would blame you.

For those of you who enjoy Baby Story on TLC, here’s what happened: Wee Baby X was born on August 3 at 9:24 pm, which is a far more civilized hour than his big brother Ike chose (3am — thanks, bud!). Everything went swimmingly in the labor department, because apparently I shoot babies out like a potato gun. Everything did not go so swimmingly in the naming department, because as we all know I have commitment issues and choosing a name for a person to use his entire life is a little more stressful than choosing drapes (barely). And so Baby X remained nameless until the very last minute…

The minute at 2am when a random doctor woke us up and took our baby to another hospital’s NICU.

Not to be all melodramaculus, but watching a bunch of people wheel my baby away in one of those plexiglass boxes filled with IVs and tubes was possibly the worst moment of my life. And to top it off, they weren’t exactly sure what was wrong but suspected he would need major intestinal surgery.

We decided we better name the baby, and so he became Luke O’Connor Roy.

Now, I had this in mind when we chose his name:

Cool Hand Luke will beat the shit out of any obstacle that stands in his way. Also he can eat 50 eggs. Also also, he is very hot.

Meanwhile, I think Ben had this in mind when we named the baby:


Anyway, to make a long, sleep deprived and tear stained story short, after many crappy tests and poking and prodding my days old baby, they decided he had pyloric stenosis and required laproscopic surgery. By this point we were just glad to know what the problem was. They scheduled surgery immediately and a few days later Luke came home with us.

And then this happened:

erin williamson

erin williamson

erin williamson

erin williamson

erin williamson

erin williamson

erin williamson

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. My hormones are working overtime and I want another one already.

(Not going to happen)

We’re all happy and healthy now, and Ike is adjusting to the new situation fairly well… except that he keeps commanding Luke to start walking and talking.

I’m going to take a few more weeks off before returning to the blog, at which time you may find that an alarming number of posts about chocolate cake have replaced decorating decisions

Nursing makes you hungry.

If you’ve sent me an email lately and I haven’t replied, I apologize. But know that I have soaked up each and every one of your well wishes like a virgin pancake soaks up maple syrup.


Love you all and see you soon!



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