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Finished Project Sneak Peeks!

Hi guys — no baby yet, but my mama sense (and my doctor) say evacuation is imminent. I really wanted to bust out mega shoots of the rooms I’ve finished up, but I’m just too tired and uncoordinated. Like, I am physically unable to bend my body into the positions necessary to photograph small spaces.

So instead of trying to make some House Beautiful spreads happen (I wish), I told myself I could shoot just one sneak peek shot of each room. And I did. And now I feel all crampy and I’m racing just to type this before a baby shoots out of my bajingo…

In other words, this is going to be my last post until I show up with a bunch of sappy photos of a newborn baby. Let’s jam.

erin williamson

The front room/playroom is finally finished… mostly. Is anything really ever finished? Anyway, here’s my source list:

Paint color is Benjamin Moore Dark Harbor.

Couch is vintage Danish rosewood and wool boucle. You do remember Alexis, right?

Painting was thrifted long ago in California.

Rug came from Overstock, but the price has gone up since I bought it.

Chinoiserie etageres were purchased from Room Service and custom painted to match the walls by Matt. These were by far my biggest splurge — about $550 for the pair.

Sconces were $2.99 each at a thrift store, but I had to buy harps and scored some ultra fancy shades at TJ Maxx for $15 each.

Bengal Bazaar pillows came from Etsy.

Everything else is vintage thrift.

erin williamson

I was kinda convinced I would have the baby before I could even move a crib into the nursery, but we actually got a lot further on this room than I thought we would. It’s still missing some art and bedding, but it’s 90% there. Source list:

Paint color is Benjamin Moore Frappe.

Chair is vintage Milo Baughman that I had recovered in Togo fabric. This was the big splurge for this room — about $450 total.

Curtains are super cheap Ikea Ritva onto which my sweet MIL spent two nights sewing ribbon trim… LOVE THEM! Four panels cost $65 plus time. Can’t beat that.

Mongolian fur pillow came from the West Elm outlet for $5.

Light fixture came from Ebay.

Vintage Raoul Dufy screenprint came from Room Service for $28. I cut a new mat for it.

Bookshelf is Ikea Expedit.

Sheepskin rug is old news.

Everything else is thrifted.

erin williamson

And last but not least is Ike’s room. I think that I complain every time about how hard it is to shoot rooms in this house, but this room really is tough. I can’t wait to shoot it with proper lights, but not now. Mama is tired. Source list:

Paint color is Benjamin Moore Deep Secret.

The big boy bed was the major splurge here. I got it off craigslist plus I paid Matt to paint it, so about $450 total.

Light fixture and rocker are both vintage and appeared in Ike’s old room.

Rug is vintage and used to live in our old dining room.

Curtains are Ikea Aina.

Bedding is a super cute Ikea seersucker stripe that didn’t photograph well.

Blue velvet pillows are Ikea.

Sheepskin is Ikea.

Leopard pillow is TJ Maxx.

And that’s what I’ve been working on.

I’m not really sure when the baby will come out — I’m not actually due for another week. But I think I need a few days to myself before the main event, so I’m signing off for now.

Please add DC to your google/RSS feed so you’ll know when I’m back with baby pictures and more room reveals. Or you could just come and visit the archives. I used to write some pretty sweet posts before I got knocked up and my brain turned into jello.

It won’t be too long before my triumphant return… pinky swear.

Until then, I’ll miss you guys.

Be awesome.


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Greetings From Cloud Nine

Wow… I don’t really know what to say about all your kind comments about our bedroom, except thank you! I was maybe probably a little bowled over by the niceness, and definitely a lot grateful to Naomi for linking me up to her fabulous readers. All the comments truly made my day a little more bearable, by which I mean I was able to waddle upstairs to decide if I really wanted to buy this hot Ebay number for the baby’s nursery:

What with all the extra vim and vigor I had laying around, I then waddled downstairs and plugged that guy into the Olio Moodboard 3000, and this is what came out:

Yes, uber cool vintage fixture just got boughten. And while I was at it, I snagged those vintage sconces for a song:

Oh so cute with the little stars, but maybe a trifle dangereuse for a baby’s room? What if my little dude turns into a climber and impales himself on those pointy edges? Maybe I should hold out for these dumb Ikea PS sconces which I am convinced will never be released in the US?

Pretty dope, and I like the Bauhausy shape. I do not like that it takes LED lights. I know that’s not very environmentally conscious of me, but uggggghhhhhh. LED is gross.

So anyway, the nursery is humming along except for a few key details.

#1. My chair still isn’t done.

Maybe today? I need to see it in situ before I make any more $$$ decisions.

#2. I am so on the fence about window treatments.

Invest in spendy roman shades and have my MIL trim them in black? Buy some cheapo Ikea linen curtains and trim them in black or maybe royal blue to fill out the wall space?

Because it feels a little blank in there… maybe it’s the rug?

I kept trying to harness the amazingness of this neutral room:

But for whatever reason I am incapable of that kind of subtle layer action. Wendy Schwartz, you are just better than me.

And that brings me to the next key detail that must be addressed:

#3. The Baby.

Hey sucker, when are you coming out? How about July 31? That would give me the weekend to finish up some things, and it would allow you the glory and majesty of having a birthday during the best month of the year…

(full disclosure: my birthday may or may not be tomorrow)

So that’s what’s going on at my house. Thank you for all your positive feedback! You are solely responsible for powering the feeble engine of late stage pregnancy.

Together, we will make it through the finish line.

Well, you know what I mean…

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Droopy Dawg

I am so. damn. tired. Yesterday I took a picture of my basketball sized belly so you could see that I’m headed into the misery stage, but I’m too tired to upload it. I even took pictures of my crazy curtain debacle but I’m also too tired to deal with that.

This is shaping up to be an exciting post. Let me spice things up a bit.

I am obsessed with every single thing in this room. I’m not sure I would be happy living here 24/7, but as a cozy library it KILLS. Those window treatments put all other window treatments to shame. The paint color and glossy built ins are ridic. The textile combo is absurdly good. And I’m going to steal that light fixture… as soon as I can figure out where it comes from.

This room by fellow Austinite Bailey McCarthy touches my happy place (visuals not necessary). The glow in the dark constellation wallpaper may make an appearance in the kid’s bathroom at our house.

GLOWS IN THE MF DARK, Y’ALL. If I were really brave, I would paper Ike’s ceiling with this bizness. But that sounds hard and I may have already mentioned that I’m tired.

Instead I think I’m going to just order this cute print for Ike’s room, glue some glow in the dark stars to the ceiling, and call it a day. (Thanks for the poster link, Katie!)

In other news, I might paint our bedroom this color:

Or maybe this color:

Dede Pratesi’s bedroom is pretty much my idea of perfection.

And as if this post weren’t already disjointed enough, you need to head on over to MFAMB and check out the room Jenny Andrews just decorated for her precious kidlet.

Awesome real people decorating on a budget makes me SO HAPPY.

What is not making me happy is my curtain situation.

Still working on it. I don’t understand why this stupid room has to be so difficult.

Yet another trip to Ikea is in the works, and a trip to the West Elm outlet already happened.

Pictures to follow. Soon.

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Things That Keep Me Awake at 3am

So yesterday I went to the outlets again in search of more mongolian fur pillows, but they were all gone — probably because I broadcast the message of cheap West Elm stuff far and wide, which was incredibly altruistic of me. But also maybe not so smart for a bargain hoarder. Anyhow, I ended up buying this:

apartment therapy nursery

[Not my house! See the entire nursery here]

While it would be a total score if I could walk into an outlet and buy this whole room, I was still pretty happy about snagging that  bassinet for half price:

Isn’t it cute? So cute that no fewer than five middle aged women told me how their ovaries just melted before I could even stuff it into the car.

So I wheeled my fancy new bassinet into the bedroom next to the bed, where I plan to house Baby X after I hit the ejector seat, and then I went to sleep.

And then the nightmares started.

This whole pregnancy, throughout all the complications and bed rest, I’ve been in total denial that we actually have a baby coming. I didn’t want to get too attached in the beginning because Baby X might not make it. And also my experience with Little Infant Ike was not exactly a cakewalk — he wouldn’t eat or sleep. He colic cried for four months straight. My nipples cracked and blistered and bled until he was six months old. He slept (or didn’t sleep) for eight months in our bed. I did everything I could to be a “good mom,” but I seemed to fail miserably. Still he was cute and smart as all get out, and most importantly he was healthy, so I just buckled down and made it work because that’s what parents do…

Now there is a crib in our bedroom again.

When I woke up at 3am and looked over, it reminded me of nothing so much as a lawnmower, coming straight at me Stephen King style. I tossed and turned for hours, wondering how I’m going to make this work again. I finally have a kid that is relatively self sufficient, and now I’m starting all over? W. T. F.

I worried about the blog — who’s going to take over while I’m recovering? Will anyone read when I come back? Does it even make sense for me to blog at all anymore?

I worried about my livelihood, not just for money but for my sense of self worth — I haven’t taken a photo or decor job since I went on bed rest.

I worried about Ike — he’s not going to be happy to share the spotlight.

I worried about our marriage — having a newborn is stressful.

I worried about my mental health — I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one.

I’m 10 weeks away from my due date, and of course I’m still worrying about furniture and paint and wallpaper and kitchen cabinets, because those are things I can control (barely). There’s progress in there somewhere.

So I apologize if I sound crazy and stressed and wishy washy. And if it seems like I’m incapable of making decisions for myself, it’s because I am.

I just wanted to say thank you for being here and reading, for indulging my hysteria (using that term with the original root in mind). It helps more than you know. I feel a little ridiculous and sappy sentimental saying that, but it’s true.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone. I hope we can all engage in some much needed R&R.

See you Tuesday, ready to talk decor.

[Isabel Lopez Quesada]

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Nursery Mockup 3000

Have I mentioned lately that a tiny person is coming to live with us in a few months? Don’t you think it’s the weirdest thing EVER that two people have sexy time and then suddenly there’s another person in between you, taking up all the extra space and eating all your food? Well, it doesn’t actually happen all of the sudden… it’s 10 (yes, 10 — count them) months later, and I need every single day of every single month to finish all of the loose ends I have created by tearing up our house and then expecting for all the bits and pieces to fall back to earth, perfectly arranged.

I need to get a grip, y’all. Pri. Or. I. Tize. Hence today is nursery mockup day. Kaboom.

Let’s revisit the most amazing room that I am obsessed with right now:

I want to make love to that folding screen and brass footed ottoman and have artsy fur babies (it would be cool if this took less than 10 months). The tone on tone is check check delicious, and the cobalt pop is perfecto. My kid friendly interpretation:

erin williamson

I’m sure it needs some tweaking, but the bare necessities are there. I tried to make do with what I had, so it can never be as amazing as that amazing room, but hopefully it has a similar artsy cool, comfy breezy feeling going on. Let’s discuss the elements.

1) Wall color is living room neutral, double formula for some extra oomph. Sisalish carpet is what’s already in there.

2) The chandelier is from Ike’s old room. It used to be black, but wondering if I should repaint… suggestions?

3) Vintage dresser is already in there, but it’s a triple dresser and has brass hardware. Hoping it won’t take the vibe too far towards brown town.

4) Shades are plain ivory/white romans with cobalt piping. Not enough room for curtains.

5) I already have baskets as well as the moroccan butt warming stool and Senor Giraffe. He may or may not make the final cut.

6) I already have the six-pelt sheepskin rug. Hoping it will do the trick since it’s light and bright but is amazingly easy to keep clean.

7) The table lamp and crib are from Ikea.

8 ) I don’t have that blue painting. May have to do a poster thingy. Gold frame is a must.

9) And now we come to the chair… this is where things get tricky.

I could of course reuse this guy, who is already the perfect cobalt blue:

However, handsome rocker is A) not very comfortable and B) takes up mega space. This was ok in Ike’s giant old room, but space is at a premium in the tiny new fetus nursery.

OR I could sell the rocker (I hope), and pay bucks to recover this Thayer Coggin chair:

This is the perfect chair, scale and comfortwise. It even rocks and swivels.

So, what do I do? How much will it cost to recover a small barrel chair? I can’t imagine using it in its current incarnation, unless maaaaaayyyyybbe I put it into our soon to be pinkish/peachish bedroom. Honestly, it would really benefit from new fabric, though.

I just don’t know if that’s where I should put my money right now…

Yesterday our second car blew up and we’re now at 5k for car repair costs this year alone. It’s barely May.

That would have paid for a new couch, the table I want, wallpaper, paint, chair upholstery, etc.

So I must spend wisely. I also don’t want to do things 50 times over because I’m not happy that I cheaped out the first time.

Tell me what to do, sage people.

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