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In Which I Humiliate Myself, AKA Video of My Nursery Tour on House Proud

You know how sometimes you see pictures of yourself, or hear recordings of your voice, or — you know — see yourself on tv, and wonder how the pod people managed to take over while you were sleeping?

You know?


I suspect my parents will be confused when they discover I have transitioned from born and raised in east Texas to Jessica from Sweet Valley High (don’t judge). Or maybe I always sound like that?! Either way, I need some elocution lessons.

Thankfully Luke is adorable and precious and pretty much steals the show. Plus Amy Hadley is utterly charming! If you live in Austin the segment will be airing on YNN today.

Enjoy the video and try not to hurl tomatoes at your screen.

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Willkommen! Bienvenue! Howdy!

Remember those seemingly empty promises I made months — nay, YEARS — ago of bringing the blog out of the dark age of muskets and horse drawn carts? Well, I finally put aside my fear of computers and public failure and done did it. Please, have a look around. Check out my new portfolio. You might find that five years’ worth of posts are more accessible, or you might find that Rome is burning… after all, I built this city on a foundation of ignorance and hackery.

But isn’t it pretty?

In all honesty I was motivated to clean up by my fancy cable television debut, which is scheduled for today. I couldn’t have fame and fortune come knocking only to find me clothed in old skivvies, could I?

Speaking of my 15 minutes of fame, here is the only behind the scenes shot I managed during our whirlwind shooting session. It’s called an OTS (over the shoulder) shot… I know that because I’m now a seasoned tv vet, yo.

ynn robbie

Between Amy Hadley’s perfect bone structure and Robbie the camera dude’s gymmy guns, I’m convinced YNN is breeding a super race of extraordinarily handsome, ridiculously talented people. Thanks a lot for making the rest of us feel frumpy, YNN. Thanks.

Anyhow, the shoot was super fun although a little stressful, and I think maybe some of the enamel on my teeth is gone now. I am a boss behind the camera, but in front of it…??? Pretty sure I’m going to come off like a buck toothed double chinned know it all dummy. I probably should have grabbed some hay straw and started chewing it up like I was Minnie Pearl filming Hee Haw.

You may have guessed by now that I haven’t seen the segments yet. That’s because I don’t have Time Warner (shaking my fist at ATT Pooverse right now). But I assure you I will You Tube that business — buck teeth and all — and post it asap even if I have to don my ninja duds and sneak into Time Warner myself.

So please do stand by in case I need a ride home from the police station. And if you are in Austin please tune into Time Warner’s local news channel YNN to see my segment on House Proud.

Thanks for visiting!

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My Friends are More Talented Than Your Friends (Unless They are the Same Friends)

Thanks so much for the kind birthday wishes yesterday! They took my mind off crows feet and liver spots for at least a few minutes, and that is priceless. Today I have the pleasure of sharing my bud Naomi of Design Manifest’s super stupendous renovations of two rooms for a brother/sister tween team. If you haven’t already checked out Naomi’s blog, you need to head on over there and hire her to redo your entire house.

This is why:

Have you ever been more jealous of two tweens? I mean, other than Victoria Justice’s legs, that blue bathroom is pretty much the thing I want most in this world. And the vanity with Swan lake wallpaper is totally the Bieber’s knees.

Go see the rest of the transformation as well as Naomi’s other stellar projects here.

I’m off to find an air conditioned place to do laps. Gotta get this baby out.


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Droopy Dawg

I am so. damn. tired. Yesterday I took a picture of my basketball sized belly so you could see that I’m headed into the misery stage, but I’m too tired to upload it. I even took pictures of my crazy curtain debacle but I’m also too tired to deal with that.

This is shaping up to be an exciting post. Let me spice things up a bit.

I am obsessed with every single thing in this room. I’m not sure I would be happy living here 24/7, but as a cozy library it KILLS. Those window treatments put all other window treatments to shame. The paint color and glossy built ins are ridic. The textile combo is absurdly good. And I’m going to steal that light fixture… as soon as I can figure out where it comes from.

This room by fellow Austinite Bailey McCarthy touches my happy place (visuals not necessary). The glow in the dark constellation wallpaper may make an appearance in the kid’s bathroom at our house.

GLOWS IN THE MF DARK, Y’ALL. If I were really brave, I would paper Ike’s ceiling with this bizness. But that sounds hard and I may have already mentioned that I’m tired.

Instead I think I’m going to just order this cute print for Ike’s room, glue some glow in the dark stars to the ceiling, and call it a day. (Thanks for the poster link, Katie!)

In other news, I might paint our bedroom this color:

Or maybe this color:

Dede Pratesi’s bedroom is pretty much my idea of perfection.

And as if this post weren’t already disjointed enough, you need to head on over to MFAMB and check out the room Jenny Andrews just decorated for her precious kidlet.

Awesome real people decorating on a budget makes me SO HAPPY.

What is not making me happy is my curtain situation.

Still working on it. I don’t understand why this stupid room has to be so difficult.

Yet another trip to Ikea is in the works, and a trip to the West Elm outlet already happened.

Pictures to follow. Soon.

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Hey Austinites, You Need to Just Dewit Already

You already know AB Chao, although you may have trouble placing her face. That’s because she looks like this:

Yeah, she’s kinda famous for her headless self portraits. But she’s even more famous for this:

You can’t even google the words “farrow” and “ball” without this room coming up. EVERYONE has seen it — even Kelly Wearstler. And she liked it. A lot.

But AB Chao has made other things, too. Like this:

And this:

And even this glamazing garage redo:

Pretty awesome.

And sure — you might hate her a little. She’s tiny and even peppier than her teenage daughter, she used to write for fancy tv shows, and her clothes are always cute. Even her husband is cute.

I mean — dammit, AB. You need to quit it with the cuteness.

But here’s the thing:  I’ve known her for years and she’s a really nice, really real person who knows how to make something out of nothing (those curtains in the top shot? first dropcloth curtain diy I know about). This is important because being an average middle class wage earner should not be an impediment to style.

And now you can join her Dewit Design Camp and be like AB.

Dudes, AB Chao is coming to Austin from June 30-July 1 to school you! Learn this stuff:

• Basic principles of design
• Creating inspiration boards
• Drawing layouts
• Paint, wall coverings, lighting, window treatments, furniture, art
• Using and repurposing existing items
• Decorating on a budget
• Common mistakes
• Putting it all together
• Styling
• Shooting interiors
• Q & A

Plus you will get to eat yummy food and hang out at Meredith Pardue‘s fancy new art studio. You know Mer:

She makes those paintings that are in all the glossy magazines.

She lives in Austin, too.

Austin is cool.

Cool people live here.

Be even cooler and meet Misses Chao and Pardue in person and soak up their coolness by osmosis.

Sign up for Dewit Design Camp right HERE.

I might even show up if I don’t drop a baby first.

Curtain talk tomorrow.

Comment if you have any Dewit questions today.

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