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Thanks for all the comments about my curtain conundrum — especially the ones that said nice things about our house. It’s not where I want it to be, but hopefully it’s better than where it started. I mean, how could it possibly be worse than green carpet, khaki paint, and overstuffed mushroom farts furniture? I really had nowhere to go but up.

Anyhow, I ordered some more curtains that are going to blow your minds… maybe in a bad way. Or maybe not. That’s the problem with choosing fabric — it’s crazy hard unless you have tons of experience. Personally I’m hoping the brute force of trial and error builds experience, because there’s really no other excuse for my OCD behavioral tics.

Speaking of fabric, have you seen this?

I’m pretty sure Jesus flew down on a chariot driven by angels just so he could deposit this on my doorstep.

I’m really important like that.

So this handy chart tells me lots of things, things like I can’t afford to swath this chair:

In any of Perennials’ gorgeously soft and luxurious OUTDOOR fabrics, like this blue velvet that would be perfect in the nursery:

Or this slubby chenille faux bois that I’m kind of in love with… it’s not nearly as busy in real life.

But $80/yd (to the trade price) x 5 yards (according to my new chart) = $400 just for fabric. Not including overage. Not including upholstery labor. Sooooooo, no.

However maybe I could afford to use fancy fabric on this chair:

erin williamson thayer coggin

Because it only requires 2.5 yards.

Small pattern if I keep the buttons.

Bigger pattern if I don’t.

See how handy the chart is?

I’m kind of obsessed with finding furniture in my house and calculating the yardage.

I feel so empowered, even though I don’t know anything about sewing and fabrics and upholstery.

But I’m learning.

Happy Friday, y’alluns.

Verily I say unto thee, go forth and reupholster the world!

[Perennials Fabrics]


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You People are the Best People in the World

Sorry I couldn’t respond to all your wonderful advice yesterday, but since the doctor stole a gallon of my blood, made me drink a hideous glucose confection, and gave me a shot to which I had some weird feverish reaction, I thought it best to hide out until I could string three words together without sounding like a raving brain dead pregnant lunatic. Although let’s face it — that’s pretty much who I am 24/7 these days.

Anyhow, I read and greatly appreciated every single one of your comments. Thank you! Extra special thanks to those I psycho emailed with 800 questions. I feel ever so much better today and will try to avoid doing that again… no promises, though.

So, I started reviewing my dining inspiration files and noticed a distinct trend:

White, white, and more white tulip tables.

I know the wood tops are sexy and seductive, but I think for longevity a white table will afford me the most possibilities. ANYTHING goes with a white tulip table. Anything.

See? It’s just as happy with traditional as with modern.

So now the question is marble or painted white. Both have their pros and cons. I’m going to call the sales rep today and let him try to talk me into the marble — it’s only $336 more so I’m going to splurge if I think it’s a sound purchase.

Will let you know how it goes.

And thank you for talking me out of the rugs. As much as I hate my tile, I just cannot make two big decisions at once.

You guys are the deciders and I love you.

[Casa Orlandi, Barrie Benson, Yatzer, Tom Scheerer, Barrie Benson, unknown, Decorno, Fawn Galli, Christian May, all via pinterest]

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Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around…

I’ve been seeing a lot of painted ceilings lately:

painted ceilings painted ceilings painted ceilings painted ceilings painted ceilings

Ooohhhh ahhhh, pretty!

But I tell you dudes what: I would think long and hard before I did something like this. We just painted a ton of ceilings in our house, because the stupid previous owners decided that the fugly khaki green beige on the walls would look just as smashing on the ceilings. And I guess it does — if by “smashing” you mean “like the inside of a butt.”

After seeing the difference a coat of light, neutral paint makes, I don’t think I’ll be painting any ceilings dark or dramatic colors unless they are A) at least 10 feet tall, B) in rooms with lots of light, or C) in dark rooms where you want the ceiling to merge with the wall — thus reducing contrast and enlarging the space.

I have none of those things going on at my house, therefore me and my bucket of Simply White shall continue to do battle with the exorcist vomit spewed all over our ceilings.

But maybe I’m wrong. Have you ever gone wild on the ceiling? Was it a good thing?

Later, taters. The lovely inlaws have Ike so I plan to tackle tons o’ work today.

[images via my pinterest, sorry I’m so lazy]

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The Wow Factor

It’s takes a lot to wow me on a morning when I’m coughing up a lung and still haven’t had any coffee, even though it’s almost 9am. Still, it can be done. But let us not mince words. Let us instead look upon some rooms that have the wow factor I found a little lacking in my mockup of Ike’s room. And let us not make comparisons between me and Simon Cowell. I would hate to think that this blog is devolving into the American Idol of interior decor… or maybe that would be awesome? America — you be the judge!

So what can we ascertain about the wow factor from these pictures?

#1. It looks expensive, because it often (but not necessarily) is.

#2. Scale is an issue — bigger is better in terms of creating a focal point.

#3. It could be paint, wallpaper, lighting, textiles, a giant head shaped sofa, you know — whatever. But it’s the hook that compels you to look at the rest of the room.

Now my background is in art, not interior design, so someone will probably come along and tell me what an ignorant douche I am.

No biggie.

But I would like to know what your favorite means for creating a visual hook is.

Tell mama.

[too sick and lazy to link — go to my pinterest for sources]

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TV is the Scourge of Humanity (and Decorating)

Yesterday we thanked The Rev for such a beauteous day off, and then we hit the San Marcos outlets in search of treasure. Because shopping is about cultivating peace and understanding, right? If we hadn’t actually found something worthy of the trip, I would be depressed that I live such a miserable and shallow existence. On the other hand, have you seen what was happening with our tv situation?


Also, WOW I really need to take some new pics of the house. But I am lazy and Ike is home sick, so no pictures today.

I suck.

Anyhow, this is what we bought to disguise our components and “blend in” with the wall. Say hello to the West Elm Niche buffet. It usually retails for $699, but we got it for $199 because it had a few tiny chips here and there. High five.

While I kept holding out for some amazing antique to come my way, it actually fits the space fairly well. And it was cheap, so when Better Half Ben figures out how to hide the components by running cable through 2x4s and bricks (probably never), I won’t feel bad about abandoning ship.

Now I just need to figure out how to style this sucker.

I shamelessly stole this image from Naomi of Design Manifest‘s pinterest, which is a total douche move because she was probably planning to post it tomorrow but I need it NOW.

To put myself back in Naomi’s good graces (fingers crossed), I’m showing her Ikea Rast hacks that she used as a tv credenza. Crafty as all get out. I’m thinking I should paint the hardware on the Niche gold, and then steal the shelf idea. Because I am a thief.

I find Celerie Kemble‘s tv set up both charming and hilarious. Should I just put a giant vase full of flowers in front of the tv, cross my fingers, and pray no one notices it’s there? Awesome.

And then there’s fabulous Laura Day. No matter how many times I post this picture, it’s never enough. My take away from this image is to make sure I tune the tv to 2001 or A Clockwork Orange before I photograph it in situ. Oh, and to buy an amazing Ello mirrored credenza, stat.

File that one under #thingsthatwillneverhappen.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some Downton Abbey to watch. Later, taters.

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