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Droopy Dawg

I am so. damn. tired. Yesterday I took a picture of my basketball sized belly so you could see that I’m headed into the misery stage, but I’m too tired to upload it. I even took pictures of my crazy curtain debacle but I’m also too tired to deal with that.

This is shaping up to be an exciting post. Let me spice things up a bit.

I am obsessed with every single thing in this room. I’m not sure I would be happy living here 24/7, but as a cozy library it KILLS. Those window treatments put all other window treatments to shame. The paint color and glossy built ins are ridic. The textile combo is absurdly good. And I’m going to steal that light fixture… as soon as I can figure out where it comes from.

This room by fellow Austinite Bailey McCarthy touches my happy place (visuals not necessary). The glow in the dark constellation wallpaper may make an appearance in the kid’s bathroom at our house.

GLOWS IN THE MF DARK, Y’ALL. If I were really brave, I would paper Ike’s ceiling with this bizness. But that sounds hard and I may have already mentioned that I’m tired.

Instead I think I’m going to just order this cute print for Ike’s room, glue some glow in the dark stars to the ceiling, and call it a day. (Thanks for the poster link, Katie!)

In other news, I might paint our bedroom this color:

Or maybe this color:

Dede Pratesi’s bedroom is pretty much my idea of perfection.

And as if this post weren’t already disjointed enough, you need to head on over to MFAMB and check out the room Jenny Andrews just decorated for her precious kidlet.

Awesome real people decorating on a budget makes me SO HAPPY.

What is not making me happy is my curtain situation.

Still working on it. I don’t understand why this stupid room has to be so difficult.

Yet another trip to Ikea is in the works, and a trip to the West Elm outlet already happened.

Pictures to follow. Soon.

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Hey Austinites, You Need to Just Dewit Already

You already know AB Chao, although you may have trouble placing her face. That’s because she looks like this:

Yeah, she’s kinda famous for her headless self portraits. But she’s even more famous for this:

You can’t even google the words “farrow” and “ball” without this room coming up. EVERYONE has seen it — even Kelly Wearstler. And she liked it. A lot.

But AB Chao has made other things, too. Like this:

And this:

And even this glamazing garage redo:

Pretty awesome.

And sure — you might hate her a little. She’s tiny and even peppier than her teenage daughter, she used to write for fancy tv shows, and her clothes are always cute. Even her husband is cute.

I mean — dammit, AB. You need to quit it with the cuteness.

But here’s the thing:  I’ve known her for years and she’s a really nice, really real person who knows how to make something out of nothing (those curtains in the top shot? first dropcloth curtain diy I know about). This is important because being an average middle class wage earner should not be an impediment to style.

And now you can join her Dewit Design Camp and be like AB.

Dudes, AB Chao is coming to Austin from June 30-July 1 to school you! Learn this stuff:

• Basic principles of design
• Creating inspiration boards
• Drawing layouts
• Paint, wall coverings, lighting, window treatments, furniture, art
• Using and repurposing existing items
• Decorating on a budget
• Common mistakes
• Putting it all together
• Styling
• Shooting interiors
• Q & A

Plus you will get to eat yummy food and hang out at Meredith Pardue‘s fancy new art studio. You know Mer:

She makes those paintings that are in all the glossy magazines.

She lives in Austin, too.

Austin is cool.

Cool people live here.

Be even cooler and meet Misses Chao and Pardue in person and soak up their coolness by osmosis.

Sign up for Dewit Design Camp right HERE.

I might even show up if I don’t drop a baby first.

Curtain talk tomorrow.

Comment if you have any Dewit questions today.

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Woodn’t You Like to help Me?

I have spent hours poring over flooring. My eyes have turned to tired squinty slits and my brain can no longer discriminate between oak and stained hickory. My plans to install solid white oak and have it site finished have been dashed by a dastardly concrete floor… and our pocketbook. I’m starting to think wood should be traded on the NYSE.

I’m suffering from wood overload.

I need someone to tell me what to buy: white oak, red oak, stained hickory, brazilian walnut, etc etc. Dark, light, in between. Gloss, semi gloss or low sheen. Thin strip or wide plank.


I’m drowning in a sea of trees.

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Does This Float Your Boat?

If there still remains a lake in Austin following a zillion consecutive days of 100+ degree temps and nary a drop of rain, then by all means head to this fabulous Lake Austin boat house.

Still in Hawaii. Karly’s in charge next week, but have no fear: I’m sure she will steer the ship straight, whether there be high waters or no water at all.

Happy Friday, mateys!

[Arch Daily]

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Craigslist Is My (Not So Secret) Lover

Hello friends! First of all, I want to thank you SO MUCH for all of your helpful comments on my last post. After the debut of the big rug debacle, I know you’re all wondering what the bleep I have decided to do. And the answer is… a lot of shopping. I have shopped for (more) rugs, and I have shopped for couches. I have shopped for end tables, and I have shopped for curtains, paint, and even sheets (oops). Obviously I am a very busy person. Unfortunately I have yet to make a single purchase, but I did spend a lot of time moving things around, making stupid mock ups on Olioboard, and drinking with Karly (aka, playing decorating party, aka tearing up my living room). The conclusion I came to was: that rug is too dark for my living room.

But I be loving it in the dining room… Hooray!

I plan to snap some pics very shortly and show y’all what’s happening now, but today I am too busy digesting BeerBQ to do anything that requires much any movement. Thus you shall be treated to the fruits of my obsessive compulsive shopping habits. Austinites, enjoy!

PAIR of brass and camel ultrasuede director’s chairs for $75 here. Ummm, yeah… Hurry up before I change my mind and decide to replace the chesterfield with those beauties.

Ivory and chrome designer sofa for $300 here. I want this sofa sooooo badly. Sadly, it is completely incompatible with toddlers named Pig Pen.

Pair of red velvet and chrome chairs for $140 here. These would be so incredible flanking my tv and (ahem) new burlwood console table, but I have some dumb speakers to contend with (see picture here). How janky would it be if I put the speakers under the chairs??? Super janky? yeah. That’s what I thought, too.

Awesome chrome Sciolari chandelier for $395 here. Do it.

Excellent black leather and chrome Design Within Reach sectional for $1750 here. If that’s your style, the price is fantastic. Haggle.

Three Philippe Starck knock offs of Gio Ponti’s famous Superleggera chair. Chrome and black wicker. These are so badass! $125 here.

Super cheap chrome and glass side table. $25 here.

In short, it seems that I am developing a chrome fixation. But know that I am holding back some goodies for my very own self because I am selfish like that.

Oh I also have some breaking news:

mad men rosewood couch

Alexis the couch slut and and her lovechild are now for sale. I’m not gonna lie — I’m asking for a buttload of money. Like Ebay money. I feel crappy about this, but how else am I going to finance my living room redo??? So, if you are Mrs or Mr Moneybags and you want this set, let me know. I can’t wait to get rid of it.

Toodles, buds. Back later with more updates.

Thanks again for all your help!!!

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